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Can I Sell My Annuity for Cash?

can i sell my annuity for cash

Annuity payments are insurance payments structured to cater to specific financial needs. Instead of receiving the full amount at once, an annuity is a money distributed to financial needs, such as medical bills. Sometimes you may want to receive all the money or a certain portion instead of having the money spread out over years. You may want to get actual cash, which means you must sell the annuity to a Companies that buy annuities. There are many reasons why you may want to sell the annuity. The most important thing is to ensure the reason is genuine and you will not squander the money. Here is an overview of what is involved when selling an annuity for cash.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Sell Your Annuity

When you sell your annuity, you exchange the future payments for cash. There are various reasons why you may want to sell the annuity to We Pay More Funding. Here are some common ones.

  1. You want to buy or renovate a house
  2. You lost your job
  3. You are starting or growing a business
  4. You need to invest the money
  5. The purchasing power of the annuity is decreasing
  6. You want to get married or divorced

You might have a different reason for selling your annuities. However, the whole intention is to get cash to cater to this need. There are three major ways to sell your annuity.

Entirety Annuity Sale

This option involves selling the entire annuity left in your contract. This means getting the entire total of the money you have in the contract, leaving you without payments in the future. The best thing about this option is that you do not need negotiations in terms of selling. If this is the best option for you, make sure the buyer gives you the full amount of the agreed-upon money before closing the deal. Failure to do this might never recover the remainder once you close the deal.

Partial Sale

You may also decide to sell a part of the annuity and continue receiving payments from the remaining portion. For instance, if your annuity is spread over ten years, you can sell four years of the annuity to cover your financial needs. Once the four years elapse, the benefits will come back to you. The advantage of partially selling your annuity for cash is that you will not give away all your payments. You will only halt them for a short period and get cash to cover your needs.

Lump-Sum Sale

This choice is almost the same as a partial sale. However, instead of selling the annuity for a certain period, you sell it in terms of a lump sum depending on the remaining money in the contract. With a lump sum, you get the exact amount you need.

To Wrap It Up

It is crucial to select the right choice based on your cash needs now and in the future. The options offer flexible financial solutions in case your needs change. Therefore, if you need cash to finance things like a home purchase, a business startup, or anything else, selling your annuity can be a good solution.

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