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Why To Jump On Board With Virtual Devices Now

Jump On Board With Virtual Devices

One of the reasons that companies like Neat.no are at the forefront of communication is because of the understanding of how people and companies need to connect. The days of landlines, snail mail, and physical handshakes are not completely gone, but those methods of contact are becoming less frequent — and less necessary. Virtual communication is the present and the future.

Besides the global pandemic, increasingly innovative technology drives the current state of communication, and having accessible devices that can help businesses connect with one another is vital for commercial infrastructure (as well as personal relationships). Here are some of the reasons that you should seriously consider infusing top-tier communication devices into your company.

Virtual Devices Are Here To Stay

In October of 2019, remote work had already comprised 16 percent of the U.S. workforce. Those were the pre-pandemic figures. So, virtual communication has already taken strong roots in business operations and productivity. Since then, devices that allow people and businesses to reach out have become even sharper and more utilized.

According to a 2021 report from the Pew Research Center, 31 percent of U.S. adults are constantly online. While some of those statistics are based on personal interactions, portions of them are also based on business ventures and communication. Additionally, at least 85 percent of adults get online on a daily basis. All of those interactions either include virtual communication or have the potential to do so. Using devices that support what statistics are already improving is a no-brainer. Choosing devices that offer flawless performance isn’t just ideal. It’s also practical considering the established communication trend.

Generational Predictors of Success

Business owners and entrepreneurs are born of just about every generation. However, the companies that are successfully integrating virtual communication into their commercial ventures are intergenerational. According to reports, the average age of successful business owners is around 42 years old. So, how does this intersect with virtual communication?

In many cases, it takes a few solid years to get a business to run and take off. However, age and realistic understanding of the technological landscape that best supports businesses have a lot to do with success. Business owners of a certain age were either on the cusp or reared during virtual communication and other immersive technologies. However, it doesn’t rule out older generations. One study shows that older generations got hip to virtual communication and devices during the pandemic and are savvier than ever.

Essentially, virtual devices are made for any and everyone that wants to make progress in an increasingly virtual age. Just make sure to choose devices that support the future and encourage it

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