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Best 13 Sites Like VIPLeague (100% Working)

by sambit

If you are a sports fan, you have probably heard of the VIPLeague. Watching sports on TV was a regular practice for sports lovers even a few years back. However, due to different types of internet deals and problems regarding the DTH connection, a lot of cable operators have started the system of packages where selective channels are shown on the TV. The most likely scenario in such cases is that all the sports channels are not broadcasted on the same package. This has resulted in the disruption of the viewing of sports.

Additionally, certain channels are not available in some places as well. There are certain matches too, which are not telecasted by any channel. To come up with a solution to this problem, where you can watch your favourite sports online via streaming, VIPLeague was founded.

What is VIPleague

At present, VIPLeague is a widely popular name that is leading in the industry when it comes to the online streaming of matches of all popular sports. The device is not limited to TV either. A user just needs to have a monitor, preferably a desktop, laptop, mobile phone (smartphone) or a tablet and an active high-speed internet connection to use the service of sports streaming. About VIPLeague, the users are mainly satisfied due to this multi-platform access to the online streaming service. The biggest reason for this streaming service to be so popular is because it can stream sports matches from all types of games, like football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, badminton, hockey, horse racing, Olympics to even UFC and WWE.

When it comes to service that streams online sport matches fluently, there is absolutely no doubt about the popularity of VIPLeague. However, some users have even complained about VIPLeague, saying that the streaming service is not always good and matches can get stuck sometimes even with a high-speed internet connection. This particular streaming service is also not available in all the countries of the globe. Some people have complained about the User Interface as well, saying it is too complex for them to handle. In any case, if you think you are bored with using VIPLeague, or you are facing any issue with its streaming, you can look for alternatives as well.

There are a number of services and apps that provide the same streaming service with different outlooks and designs. So even if one of your streaming apps or websites is out of option, here are a bunch of good alternatives you can rely on to avoid losing the live match.

13 Alternatives for VIPLeague in 2021

With any problem regarding VIPLeague or its services, given below are the top alternatives that you can use for streaming sports online smoothly. They are as follows-


Among the list of all the alternative streaming services for VIPLeague is ADTHE. Sports streaming is said to be very smooth on this particular streaming service and low-quality video is ensured in case of poor internet connection such that the video streaming can run uninterrupted without troubling the user of going through missing an exciting or crucial moment. ADTHE is considered as one of the best online streaming platforms for sports. The choices of sports available for streaming are also huge on ADTHE. The initial outlook of the page is very clean and the User Interface has seen to be reviewed as user-friendly by most of the users. Since it is very easy to use and stream, the popularity of ADTHE is quite high.

2. Crickfree.org

Another of the major online platforms that are used by quite a huge number of people for watching online sports streaming is CricFree. The name CricFree is very misleading though, as most of the trying users can think that this service only provides streaming services to cricket and all such related stuff. This is not true at all. CricFree is not even a service that focuses on cricket more than the other sports. Apart from cricket, users can have various options and links to watch the live streams of football, hockey, golf, tennis and so on. The streaming is also very smooth on CricFree. Many users have recommended that this is their favourite platform to watch online sports.

3. SportStream

SportStream is yet another of the top streaming platforms that provide high-quality streaming of live games with a wide range of sports to choose from. The different types of sports available are basically almost every single one, and multiple links are available for streaming in case one does not work. The live streaming links are also provided with different types of quality, such that the user can choose the level of streaming. Additionally, the platform is quite user-friendly, and the user reviews for SportStream is very good. There are no restrictions on free streaming either. As a result, users are able to watch live games without any hindrance.

4. BatManStream

If we are talking about VIPLeague and searching for an alternate streaming platform, BatManStream is definitely one of the top choices that will come to your mind if you are using streaming services for watching games for quite some time now. One of the oldest live streaming platforms for games, this particular service has huge popularity. Any of the ongoing sports events are directly telecasted from the reputed channels via online streaming. Advanced notifications are sent to the users when logged in or a reminder is set beforehand. Baseball, volleyball, basketball, baseball and all such games can be easily watched with the help of the BatManStream online match streaming platform.

5. WizWig

Another of the top online streaming platform to watch sports live is WizWig. This particular streaming service mainly uses the direct broadcasting network that is used in TV to relay the broadcast worldwide via an online platform. As a result, the streaming service of WizWig is both stable and of very high quality most of the time. It does not matter you are a fan of which sport. Basically, each and every live and ongoing sports event happening globally can be viewed at WizWig with great ease. Apart from streaming services, the users can also enjoy post-match analysis, news and predictions, rumours and various updates regarding their favourite sports, teams or players.

6. SportP2P

SportP2P is a highly popular online sports streaming service in itself. As an alternative, it is very popular, and some people even use this as a primary streaming platform for watching their favourite teams and matches. The website is extremely clean and users do not have to face the inconvenience of getting hassled by a lot of ads. The interface is also very attractive and the overall outlook is said to be very user-friendly as per the regular users. Not only does it stream excellent quality live games, but it also provides updates in case you are unable to watch the match due to some reason. You have to be logged in for this purpose though. Events are also conducted via this platform, where users can compete against each other globally and win prize money. If you watch sports online on a regular basis, SportP2P is highly recommended.

7. WiziWig

It may happen that the users may feel dissatisfied with the popular online live match streaming services. The main reason for this is these popular platforms are sometimes so overcrowded during popular games, like UEFA Champions League knockouts or World Cup Knockouts in the case of football, that the links get overloaded. This often leads to link failure. If you are looking for an equally effective online sports streaming platform which is not crowded so much, then WiziWig is perfect for you. The usage is also very simple. Once opened, a search can be conducted about the sports you are willing to watch. After that, simply playing the loaded video of the link will start the online streaming.

8. LiveTV

Another good online streaming platform for watching sports if you are talking about VIPLeague and looking for an alternative is LiveTV. It is particularly very similar to the VIPLeague in both appearances and working procedures. As a result, if you are a vivid follower of VIPLeague, you may feel you are using the same platform in case you are using LiveTV as a temporary alternative. Many users do not want to switch from their preferred online streaming platforms because they feel uncomfortable. With the help of LiveTV, this problem is solved to quite an extent. Because of the familiarity with VIPLeague, the workings are functioning are known to most of the users. The additional option of getting updates is also there. There are no restrictions present in live streaming as well. An account can be created for free and then the users can enjoy the live streaming service smoothly.

9. LiveSoccer

This particular streaming service provides high-quality live streaming of ongoing matches worldwide. Even though different other sports are also available, the NewSoccer streaming service mainly focuses on Football. Football is the most widely watched sporting event on the planet and the FIFA World Cup holds the record of the most-watched global event of anytime. As a treat for football lovers, NewSoccer keeps a tally of all major football leagues in the world and constantly gives status updates and even transfer rumours. With multiple streaming links, you can be sure that you won’t be missing any high action and important football match, whether played in clubs or international level. If you are an ardent football lover and care for streaming football matches only, NewSoccer is your perfect online live streaming companion.

10. 12thplayer

One of the most recommended live streaming platforms for sports in recent times is 12thplayer. Developed long back, it has been redeemed quite recently to grab the attention of sports lovers and it has been doing a great job so far. The streaming is of very high quality and there are no unnecessary and annoying ads. The interface is pretty much user-friendly and anyone should be able to stream their desired live matches with ease. All types of sports matches are being kept a tab in 12thplayer and provided for streaming to the users, on a worldwide basis.

11. Stream2Watch

One of the primary service providers of online streaming of live sports, Stream2Watch has been quite popular for some time. It works as a fantastic alternative to VIPLeague to watch any live game of any sport happening in a part of the globe. The streaming service is very detailed, where the user can choose the streaming quality depending on the speed of their network connectivity. The users can even choose to relay live comments and i9nteract with the other users during the game itself. The famous sports channels that come on TV are all listed and the majority of the stream comes via the broadcasting route via the television network. This makes the connection very stable as well and removes any unnecessary buffering. If you are a serious streamer of live sports, you will find Stream2Watch quite fascinating.

12. VipBox

Most of the online live streaming platforms mentioned upto this point are completely free of cost. However, free streaming services are most likely to be huddled with unnecessary and annoying ads that may disrupt the continuous streaming of the game. Free streaming is sometimes of poor quality as well, and the links tend to get overloaded and jammed due to excessive traffic. Hence, VipBox comes with a very clean and stable streaming platform for sports online. However, it is not free. It is a paid streaming service and provides the best quality streaming if you have a high-speed net connection. It works across devices and works perfectly efficient in browsers as well.

13. Drakulastream

The last on this long list of alternatives for the VIPLeague is Drakulastream. It can be considered one of the best-chosen alternatives of VIPLeague and is being heavily used by most people in Asia and Europe. Live sports, events and tournaments can all are watched with high-quality streaming services. All of the important and popular sports are covered well by Drakulastream, so chances are that you will not miss a single live game of your favourite team or player if you have the time. Basketball, baseball, hockey, football, boxing and many others can be streamed easily from any part of the world. Drakulastream is, however, a football centred streaming platform, and all the football matches can be watched with extra features such as live win prediction, stats and news updates.


VIPLeague still remains the top choice for streaming HD videos online. However, it may not work temporarily at the time of your need, as stated before. If you cannot afford to miss out on the match in any way and cannot get access to streaming elsewhere, you can easily try the alternative live sports streaming platforms online which are just as good. The ones given above are some of the best live streaming online services for sports that can be accessed from anywhere to watch your favourite matches and games. Therefore, you can stop worrying about missing the match as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can follow your favourite team or player and be a true fan as you witness your teams make history.

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