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rainierland.to | 15 Rainierland Alternatives: 100% Active [May 2023]


Rainierland is a free video streaming portal that allows users to watch free movies and shows online. It is a website providing a long list of movies of different genres for the users. It has been providing the services for quite some time and is among the best video sites. But, like everything has an alternative, there are some other similar sites as well that offer free movies and TV shows like Rainierland.

Before moving on to its alternatives, we would like to talk a little about this world-famous video streaming website, Raineierland.

Features of Rainierland

Despite being illegal and having a violating copyright law, Rainierland succeeds to attract a large number of visitors. Why? All because of its features!

  • It’s absolutely free.
  • Hundreds of drama, movies, series, TV shows and more for the viewers
  • Easy navigation. Only a few clicks and you can easily get what you want – movies, TV shows, series, you name it.
  • No interruption with ads or any other unnecessary pop-up notification while online streaming
  • Highly convenient and accessible for everyone with its easy interface
  • No downloads involved
  • Constantly content update – latest movies and shows on a click!
  • No sign-up requirements
  • No need to give your credit or debit card details
  • Several featured movies are right there on the home page

Rainierland – Is it Legal?

Rainierland’s owner Rainier Tamayo was arrested for piracy. It was claimed that the website streamed pirated content. Everyone was worried about the future of the website and if it was really a pirated site. As the site was again on the web, it was assumed that it’s legal. Well, that’s not true.

Rainier is an illegal site that streams pirated content. The content uploaded is not their own and it violates copyright laws. But, that doesn’t mean that you are at fault for watching movies on the site. No one is going to arrest you for this. Just remember to turn your location off and use VPN to keep your IP address hidden to keep away from any legal issues.

However, if you are still worried about using the website, go for Netflix or other licensed video streaming platforms. But, you won’t get them for free!

Rainierland – Is it a scam website?

You must have come across several fake and scam websites over the internet and the same thought might have crossed through your mind about Rainierland. So, is Rainierland a scam website? It’s not clear if it’s a scam site, but it has many trust issues. It is rated as a site that can pollute your system. The risk factor depends upon the location you are operating the site. So, make sure you have trusted anti-virus software on your computer or laptop. Be careful while using Rainierland.

Here are some of the most appropriate video sites like Rainierland that you can use as an alternate option.

So, if you ever come across any issues with Rainierland, you know where to go! Read on.

Websites Like Rainierland in 2021


1. YouTube

Almost every next individual knows about YouTube, the first thing to come to the mind when looking forward to having some informative or entertaining videos. It is a community dependent website like Dailymotion that depends on the number of subscriptions. This is the reason behind its regular updates and huge watchlist. All the videos are from different genres and it gets thousands of visitors each day. In the present day, YouTube has the reputation of a well-known video streaming platform across the world. It is also a record holder to bringing the second most visited website after ‘Google’. It also allows you to earn money by following your passion.

How can you use YouTube for streaming videos on the mobile?

YouTube videos can also be streamed on your mobile device, both iOS and Android. IN Android devices, you get YouTube app pre-installed. IN case it is not, go to Google Play Store and install the app. Launch it in the device and you are all set to stream videos or movies.


2. Viewster

The second on the list is Viewster, a video service site offering thousands of documentary, anime, sci-fi, gaming and fantasy videos. It is an online platform for people who spend most of their time online watching videos. On Viewster, the videos are well-categorized and organized into genres. Though you may find it a little less updated as compared to other similar video sites but it is still useful (when nothing else works for you). You need not register on the site and it can be used on your mobile devices as well. So, not to worry if you do not have a computer or laptop, stream videos on your phone!

How can you use Viewster to stream videos on your phone?

If you are using an Android phone, install the Viewster app version from Google Play Store. Click on ‘Install’ and launch the app in your device. Open the app and you will see anime videos, movies and everything else available on the app. Play whatever you want!


3. TubiTV

As we move on with video sites to stream videos and movies online, let’s talk about TubiTV. Stream wherever you want it as it can be launched on a wide range of devices – iOS, Android devices, Smart TV, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xfinity X1, Samsung TV. The most important thing about TubiTV is that it is accessible on the web for free. You just need to register on the site to access. Keep browsing through the thousands of videos, movies and shows until you find what you desire to watch. It has got everything.

How to stream TubiTV videos on mobile?

TubiTV also has a mobile version for users who enjoy watching movies as they travel around. And you can’t always have your laptop at the go. It is only available for Android devices for now. To stream videos on your Android device, install the TubiTV mobile version from Google Play Store. Click on ‘Install’ and launch the app. It is ready to stream videos for you.


4. Popcornflix

Are you wishing to watch videos in HD quality? If so, Popcornflix is the answer. It is one among the most visited video streaming website and for many reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that it is run by Screen Media Adventure, one of the big names in the video streaming site industry. It provides a long catalogue of TV series and movies. This good reputation is what makes it available to people across the globe. Same as Rainierland, it is free to use Popcornflix. You also don’t need to register with an account at Popcornflix. You will get all the content info on the home page. Browse what you are looking for and stream the video. The website is extremely user-friendly.


5. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the most appropriate Rainierland alternatives that shouldn’t be missed. The community runs the website, not like an organization running Popcornflix. It is from the community where visitors register and get to share video content on the website. This suggests that the community depends on those who provide videos. It is a video streaming website that can be accessed from any kind of browsers. The only demerit of the site is its video quality. The maximum pixel is 480p, even if you download a high-quality video. How does it still remain to be one of the most popular videos streaming sites? It is for its fast streaming and an extensive list of videos/movies.

Sony Crackle

6. Sony Crackle

If you are someone who loves watching the acclaimed and award-winning movies and TV shows, Crackle is the best platform to stream videos online. You can watch original series and movies on high definition same as you watch it in the theatre. If you want to get the feel of watching the movie in a cinema, play it on your home theatre or Smart TV. It will create an exceptional viewing experience, a completely next level standard. Make sure you visit the correct domain as there are multiple domains named ‘crackle’. Add ‘Sony’ to land up to the right site.

Free Movie Cinema

7. Free Movie Cinema

Another site that has been used as a video streaming website like Rainierland for a decade now, Free Movies Cinema. Referring to its name, you must have got it that the portal is free for everyone. It connects to links from various websites and provided to the users for free. It has got all the new released movies, even from Blu-Ray, known for HD quality movies. Another benefit of using this website for streaming videos is that it doesn’t annoy you with pop-ups and ads while playing the video. This allows you to watch a movie without any interruption.


8. Movie Night

Movienight is a video streaming site with regular updates of the latest TV series and movies. When compared with the above-mentioned websites, it is noted that the videos on movienight load faster than others. Like other movie sites, this one also features movies and series organized into different tabs for an easy search and navigation. However, there is one demerit that makes it a little less convenient – the ads. You will find it everywhere. Some ads or pop-up’s might be misleading, be careful what page you have opened.


9. Housemovie

Housemovie has got a vast compilation of TV series and movies which are constantly updated. As per the recorded user experience, the videos on housemovie load faster than the other sites mentioned here. Again, this site also shows a lot of ads that route to different pages. You might find it difficult to navigate at times. Another drawback is that some buttons are misleading. When you click on a movie to watch, scroll down for the player. If ads don’t bother you, housemovie is a great choice to watch movies online.


10. Geeker

Next on the list is Geeker, a movie site for users who look forward to being the first one to watch the latest movies. Not just movies, you can also stream the latest music videos, PDF files and even eBooks. It is such a user-friendly website that no matter you are tech savvy or not, you can easily navigate the website. Like TubiTV, you just need to register with the site and become a member to watch free movies and videos online. It is just like a gate pass, you need not pay anything.


11. movie.netflix24.online

You might get a little confused and also find it funny to find something with the name of Netflix on the list. We all are aware of the online video streaming platform Netflix that can be accessed with a premium subscription. However, Netflix24 is something different, but a genuine option for people who do not want to spend money on video streaming. Netflix24 gives you free unlimited access to stream your favorite series and movies. You just need to join the community by registering with an account. It has got a long list of movies and TV shows organized in different genres. It can be accessed on a computer, iPad and mobile devices (both iOS and Android). No fuss of unnecessary ads and pop-ups!


12. 1337X.AM

It is another popular option for free online video streaming. Like others, it also has a long list of catalogues of TV shows and movies of different genres. From documentaries, anime to adult movies, it is an excellent alternative for everything. Same like other video sharing websites, it doesn’t save any movies on its server. It is crawled from other sites when you search for a specific movie or genre. They are affiliated to some websites. Most of these sites are CpasBien, Zone Telemanagement, YGGTorrent, ThePirateBay, Kickass, Extra torrent and KickassTorrents. One noticed the difference is its appearance. It doesn’t show tiles of movies, there is a list instead.


13. Asatv24

You mustn’t have come across this one, but it is a good option to watch free movies and TV shows. When compared to 1337X, it was found that Asatv24 is more interactive because of its tiles and slideshows in which the movie names are displayed on the screen. Another perk of using this as an alternate for Rainierland is that it gets updated constantly, especially when a new movie is released. Scrolling down to the bottom of the website, you will find a list of the movies to be updated next on the website.


14. MovieNoLimit

As the name clears the air, MovieNoLimit allows you to watch your most loved TV shows and movies online for free. No limits entertained! Watch it as many times as you want, anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. On comparing it with Netflix24, 1337X and Asatv24, it was realized that all those websites needs a registration but this one is easier to access. It is because you need not register, simply scroll through the website for your favorite videos and play. It can be accessed on different devices like iPad, computer or mobile phones. A faster loading feature and HD quality videos awaiting you!

Cool Movie Zone

15. CoolMoviezone.io

Cool Movie Zone is quite similar to MovieNoLimit – both are free and do not require registration. Just search for the movie you want to watch and play it. However, you might find it a bit outdated as compared to the other video streaming websites in this article. If you want to watch your favorite old movies, Cool Movie Zone is your thing. You will find all the hit movies here. Just have a stable internet connection and you are all set for a great viewing experience.

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