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12 Sites Like ProjectFreeTV (100% Working)

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More and more customers are permanently stopping their cable TV services and looking for ways to be able to watch TV or stream its contents online. Even a few years back, this thought was considered delusional. However, at present, more and more people are shifting to watching TV online. Hence, finding effective and reliable places and websites to watch online TV streaming live is becoming necessary.

One of the first solutions that may come in the mind of the users is YouTube. However, not every TV channels or content can be streamed for free. There are restrictions regarding the play of contents in other countries as well, and copyright holders are always banning and deleting the similar videos that are posted without a proper license. The perfect solution to this problem is Project Free TV, or atleast it was. For those who are unaware of the name or are thinking that what is Project Free TV? It used to be the leading online streaming platform for TV contents and shows. All the shows that were telecasted on TV were available directly for streaming at Project Free TV. Some premium shows that were not available anywhere else were also streamed in Project Free TV for completely free of cost.

Since Project Free TV was attracting too much attention, the paid content developers acted against it, since it was spoiling their business. As a result, Project Free TV was discontinued and taken down completely. Nowadays, many impostor sites use the original logo of the Project Free TV and fake the services for fooling the users.

What is Project Free TV?

What is Project Free TV? By now, you already know the answer. Now, you will get the details about the working of this particular website. The Project Free Movies and the Project Free TV were not just simple sites where you could watch all the movies and contents in one place. The website itself did not use to broadcast the programs. Instead, there were various search engines which used to search for and identify the free contents on the same show or movie you are searching for. By conducting a quality search online, the website was able to provide the free contents that were posted online from various sources. After you type your desired show or movie on the search bar, Project Free TV used to provide you with different links from various sources. All of these links were streaming the movie or show that you were looking for.

Since Project Free TV used to stream all types of shows, whether it was free or paid, it provided a direct violation of the privacy and the copyrights of some shows, especially the ones in paid content channels. For such reasons, it is no surprise that sites like Project Free TV cannot continue forever. Whenever such sites are taken down, they appear again after some time in a different domain, and possibly with a new name. Taking the opportunity, many impostor and fake sites have opened up which claim to replicate the service that was provided by Project Free TV. However, such sites are not at all reliable in most cases, and using these sites can be harmful too since the device of the users can get affected. Most of these sites cannot even stream content properly. They have limited contents and the links provided are either dead or broken.

Impostors of Project free TV

Using the impostor sites for streaming premium content can place the viewers in risk. The links provided may be loaded with malware, or are redirected to scam websites. Users are asked to download an application or update an existing one, which is nothing but a false bait to lure the users in from accessing their links. This risk can be minimized by updating the antivirus software regularly and by enabling the ad blocker in the browsers. It is also advised for the users to not get too much reliant on such websites. The legalities of most of these sites are very much questionable and due to this, they can be taken down at any instant.

For the users who only prefer to watch movies online, especially the old ones, sites like Project Free TV are not really required. Apps like YouTube, Crackle and Popcornflix are all quality sites that provide the same service for the viewers globally. Other lesser-known websites are mainly virus infected. There are some additional issues as well. Most of these sites provide free streaming of the movies, but the resolutions are extremely low. If you are a fan of action movies and are looking for HD action scenes, chances are that you will be disappointed. Watching on small screens like in smartphones or laptops are still acceptable, but watching on big screens will not be satisfactory.

Legalities of the different free streaming sites

As previously stated, all of these free streaming sites are in questionable legal states, as they are private the copyright law directly when they stream the paid contents for free. Even users of such sites have been known to be fined and even jailed in worst-case conditions. However such harsh punishment is mainly for downloading. If you are only streaming such content, you are likely to avoid such fines. The chance of infecting your device with malware however remains.

The paid and premium content websites generally use commercials or provide payment information to show the legality. In any case, you won’t be in trouble while accessing such paid websites. With the use of Project Free TV, even though it is not a paid website, even then the viewers are generally safe as the liabilities of Project Free TV are shifted somewhat to the third-party websites from where the links are provided to you for streaming. Hence, Project Free TV is able to avoid any responsibility for the streaming of the content, and the viewers are not at risk of anything either.

Project Free TV works well in the USA but not in the majority of other countries

The citizens of the USA are luckier than they can think of. Project Free TV could be used completely legally in the US and not a single user would be fined in any way, even if they are caught streaming paid contents for free. For various other countries, however, the situation is not so comfortable. Chances are that users from other countries may not be able to even open the site. Most of the countries have a well-developed networking system. This means there are quite a number of Inter-Service Provider’s or ISPs located in a country.

ISPs can be considered as the legal authority of the internet world. They provide the network and they can restrict it as well. Even governments sometimes dictate the ISPs to restrict websites which are known to do shady business or are declared as illegal. In the USA, the number of such illegal websites is comparatively less.

Many users of Project Free TV in the UK often ask one single question: Why Project Free TV works in the USA but not the UK? This is because, in countries like the USA, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act helps to avoid liabilities for websites like Project Free TV. No kind of censoring is done in any of such websites, and they can be streamed freely. As for the UK, and other countries as well, such legal loopholes are not present. Hence, it is easy to track down the activity of such illegal websites and shut them down. Project Free TV has even stopped in some countries that have a comparatively free legal structure, and the countries which have a very strict website censor as well.


In 2013, Project Free TV was banned in the UK by the Court due to piracy promotion. Even countries like Norway, France, Canada, and Australia have placed this website on their block list. This particular section of the law is pretty lenient in the USA. Due to this, copyright holders are losing a significant amount of their profit. Other countries like the UK have strict laws and anyone violating such copyrights is punished. This is the reason why Project Free TV works in the USA but not the UK, and the UK viewers, as well as the viewers from other countries, can do nothing about it, other than wondering how lucky the people of the USA are.

12 Alternatives for Project Free TV in 2021

After the Project free TV service stopped worldwide all the way back in 2017, a lot of the users were disappointed. The same service was started in different domains as well, but they were also restricted and forced to close down. As for all the regular users of Project Free TV, it was quite a shock. However, enthusiastic users started the search for similar websites which would provide almost the same type of service. As already stated, most of these alternative websites or applications are fake and impostors. However, even among some of them, there were few genuine and promising apps and websites which you will be delighted to use as a substitute.

Some of the best alternatives for Project Free TV are given below.

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular platform for watching and streaming videos globally. Each and every internet user has heard the name of YouTube, or rather are users. If you used to watch important and highlighted videos on Project Free TV, then YouTube is the best substitute that you can use. You can any sort of content directly on this platform. Just search for the video on the search bar and you will see the lists of the videos similar to the topics you are searching for. All recent important and trending videos are released on YouTube instantly. The rate of a content update on YouTube is probably the fastest to happen to any video streaming online platform. Additionally, it runs on every smart device. Therefore, it does not matter where you want to watch a video. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, Smart TV, or your smartphone, YouTube is supported everywhere.

To watch YouTube videos on your smartphones of any interface, just follow the steps given below-

Step 1: Open the YouTube app or open it in a browser. You can just type YouTube in your mobile browser and you will find the official website. After reaching it, the main interface of YouTube will be visible to you.

Step 2: Search for the video and browse the recommendations. Users can type the video details in the search bar and then click on go. The search bar can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon present on the top of the screen. Once the results come, users can scroll down to check for the exact video that they are looking for.

Step 3: Start the video that you were searching for and play it. Simply tapping on the video will start its playing. Depending on the net connection, the video will load as fast as possible.


  • There are videos present from every genre
  • Use of this site is completely free and it can be accessed from any part of the world
  • Users can even earn money by uploading their own videos and by blogging


  • There are a lot of ads present which play in between the video abruptly or at the start and the end. Either way, it is a disruption while watching the video.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also an excellent alternative for Project Free TV. This particular website provides the user with the choice of adjusting the content as per the device which is being used by the user. The content variety is huge, and it is not limited to a particular region as well. This website provides its content absolutely free of cost. Users can find the content they are looking for with ease. New content is being uploaded on the website from time to time. It is also supported by all smart devices. As a result, its popularity is increasing at a steady rate. This website is very much safe to use as well.

To use it on your smartphone or any other device, follow the steps given below-

Step 1: Users can access the website by typing the address in the web browser. The page will load within a minute or two.

Step 2: The users can then browse the videos which are available by tapping on the watch now list. Among the various videos available, you can select any of the videos you plan to watch. Simply tapping on it will open the page where the video will load in a few seconds. After that, simply tap the play button and the video will start.


  • Tubi is an exclusive video streaming website and it very safe for use
  • Tubi can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • The quality of video streaming is very good


  • User needs to register their account before getting the access to use Tubi by its full potential


Another great alternative for Project Free TV, Fox which provides the viewers with television shows and movies. The content is mainly based on American TV shows though. Content from other countries is also provided, though they are lesser in number and harder to find. The contents provided can be shared easily on social media accounts. New content is updated every minute in Fox. The latest content thus can be easily enjoyed by the users. This is one of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of Fox. It can also be used on all devices, and users can enjoy high-quality content. The appearance of the site is very clean and it is very user-friendly as well.

Play Store Link Apple Store Link

Follow the steps given below to watch videos at Fox-

Step 1: You can launch the site by going to your browser and simply typing the address on it. The site can be accessed after it loads completely. After that, users will be able to browse the different videos as they are segregated under different categories.

Step 2: After that, you can scroll down the list of the videos to watch the videos that you want. Simply select the desired video and wait for it to load. Once the loading is complete, simply tap the video to start the automatic playing of the video.


  • The variety of movies present on Fox is huge and the collection of American TV shows is as huge as well.
  • Users can share the videos of Fox in their social media accounts directly
  • The latest contents are updated instantly


  • Ads are present everywhere on this website

4. TVPlayer

If the topic of discussion is what is Project Free TV and what are its alternatives, TV Player is a sure name to come up. If you are a resident of the UK, you have surely heard of TV Player. Being considered as one of the greatest streaming websites with a huge variety of content, TV Player supports multi-devices access. There is also a paid and premium version of this, but as usual, the majority of the users will go for the free version. A total of 95 channels are supported in TV Player. There is the availability of links that provide very high-quality streaming of the required content. This is one of the perfect places for watching TV shows and top movies. The website contains an extensive list of movies as well.


  • TV shows on almost all genres are available here
  • It is supported in all smart devices


  • The streaming is often disrupted by loads of ads playing inside the video

5. Kshow123

For the viewers who are fans of movies and television shows from Korea, Kshow123 is the perfect website to visit. This particular platform completely dedicates its streaming service to Korea-related content. All of the shows and movies from Korea are available and new content is being updated on a daily basis. All of the top-quality Korean dramas and the best quality Korean movies are all available in Kshow123. Hence, if you are a fan of K-dramas, you know which website you need to visit. All those fanatics of the K wave will find this particular website to be the absolute best.


  • All the ardent fans of K-dramas can watch the latest episodes of their favorite series in high quality
  • The streaming service is completely free
  • All the shows of Korea, even news and varieties are available here


  • The content on this website is only based on Korean shows, especially the south. If you are looking for any shows from outside, you won’t find any

6. KissAssian

In this particular website, users will be able to enjoy content from different media concentrated from the entire continent of Asia. All episodes of ongoing Asian TV series are available at KissAssian. However, the content is mainly concentrated around the shows of Japan, China and Hong Kong. As for the viewers who are huge fans of Asian dramas, this is one of the best websites to stream them. The User Interface of KissAssian is very simple and easy to use. It is very easy to locate the show that you are looking for, and you can easily play your favorite content and enjoy it. As an additional feature, each of the videos has options of multiple links when it comes to streaming. That way, even if one or two links are dead, you will always have an alternative link to try out.


  • This website is particularly useful for Asian Drama fans, especially the ones belonging to the South-Eastern part of Asia
  • Multiple servers are available for a single video streaming
  • Other sites that share videos, like Animefly, Fmovies and KissCartoon are directly linked with KissAssian


  • The presence of click ads on each of the links makes the experience somewhat annoying

7. SportStream.TV

For sports lovers, it is absolutely essential to be able to watch live games of their favorite teams and players. In order to do this online, SportStream is one of the biggest platforms that offer live online streaming of sports. The variety of games present is huge, and it includes all the popular sports like football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, cricket, hockey, golf, tennis, badminton and so on. This particular website can be availed by sports fans no matter where they are in the world. There is no particular geographic restriction for the service of SportStream. If you are having a hard time trying to find a good platform for watching live sports online, you should definitely try SportStream. Even if you are not a sports fanatic, you can watch the important matches which you do not want to miss out on.


  • The videos regarding live sports are available in almost all types of games
  • All sports games can be watched live online from any part of the world


  • This platform only provides videos and updates on sports. You will not find any other content than sports here.
  • Too many ads.

8. Retrovision Classic Movies

Movies, especially the classic ones could be very easily streamed on Project Free TV. As a result, the fans of retro movies loved to use Project Free TV as it used to be a platform for streaming classic movies of high quality. If you are looking for that particular feature then you should definitely try Retrovision Classic Movies. The variety of classic movies on this website is immense, and movies from all genres, mainly comedy, drama, crime and horror are available in plenty. The users can also enjoy the TV shows which are on-demand including reality shows and soap operas. Unique content movies are also available at Retrovision Classic Movies which may not be present anywhere else. As a retro movie fan, this is the perfect website for you as you will get that ultimate nostalgic experience.


  • This is the perfect site if you are looking for watching classic old movies
  • Old famous TV shows are also available for streaming


  • New movies and TV shows may not be available on this website

9. Stream2Watch

Another alternative for Project Free TV is Stream2Watch. It is especially very effective if you are a sports fan. Sports including all types and varieties are present here. Users can follow their favorite teams and players. Games like cycling, cricket, tennis, golf, football, rugby and other popular games are all broadcasted. The users just need to open the address of the Stream2Watch on their web browser. The different sports are segregated into different categories, which makes it easier for users to be able to find their favorite games and matches in a faster and easier way. Live games are streamed online and users can enjoy the games just as watching on TV. This particular website is quite popular among sports fans, and users can access the live streaming facilities after they have logged in Stream2Watch. Recent games are even available as highlights.


  • Users can track their favorite teams, their favorite players and their favorite games across the world
  • Live streaming of important games are available online


  • The videos take quite some time to fully load.

10. ShareTV

ShareTV is one of the recent hits among the old users of Project Free TV. As for the people living in western countries, they have been using ShareTV for quite some time now, as the current shows are mainly from that region and near about. Even the latest TV shows which have been just released are instantly available at ShareTV. Even though the content is mainly western centred, the variety present is huge. Users of this website are said to be never bored, as they find something or the other interesting to watch. The rate of update of contents in ShareTV is also very high. Some users have found this site to be so impressive that they have even bookmarked this webpage.


  • Various TV shows from western countries are available here for streaming
  • The videos streamed on this website generally load at a very fast rate


  • HD quality video streaming is not available in many of the streaming videos

11. Vimeo

Vimeo is a wide known video platform where the users can stream videos, upload their own videos, and even share the videos on their social media accounts or on other online websites. Users are able to watch high-quality content without any annoying ads or disruption. Even if you come to a video that you were thinking of watching later, and you would rather skip it, for now, you can always add it to the Watch Later list for future references. Additionally, Vimeo provides users with a lot of additional tools. For example, users can upload their own video with sound effects, photo editing, background music, background sound and video editor. Users can even re-upload their already published videos. As a result, a lot of users found Vimeo to be the best place to switch from Project Free TV after its closure.


  • There are absolutely no annoying ads of any kind
  • Users can customize their own videos for the purpose of adding a professional touch to the video
  • This video website is very simple to understand and very easy to use


  • The service for Vimeo is, however, not free. Unless you pay, you won’t be able to play all videos. Most of the members of the Vimeo community are holding a VIP account. Therefore, being present as a normal member will not get you anywhere in that community.

12. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another of the very popular video streaming websites. Even on its own, people are fond of Dailymotion. Being considered as an alternative for Project Free TV is considered as an advantage. Users can make their own video and upload it for the other users to see. The presence of a library allows the users to put videos as Watch Later, Liked, and Recently Watched and Uploaded categories. Users can use channels and tags if they are looking for a particular video. In Dailymotion, contents from third-party websites are also available in a combination. Additionally, videos that are provided by the premium partners and the ones which are uploaded by the users are also combined and made available. Using the smart recommendation, users will get recommended videos that are related to the topic of their last watched video, making it one of the best streaming sites ever.


  • The videos present in Dailymotion are well segregated into different categories
  • The recommended videos save a lot of time for the users which they would have otherwise spent searching
  • Additional job openings are open to the users for working on their own website


  • Videos are often disrupted in the beginning and middle of playing by annoying ads


For the questions like what is Project Free TV and why Project Free TV works in the USA but not the UK, now you know the answers. On the list given above, you will be able to find a perfect alternative for Project Free TV. All of the individual websites are different from each other in their own way. However, these sites have one thing in common; to make the users happy by providing high content video, no matter which particular topic. Users can, therefore, try out all of these websites and decide for themselves which one or which ones do they want to use. Since content is available from all genres and all types, one thing is sure that the users will not miss Project Free TV anymore. Choose which alternative website suits best for your video streaming needs and enjoy your favorite content.

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