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OMGChat Best and Secure Alternatives | omgchat.com [May 2023]


OMGChat is one of the most popular platforms which are used by a lot of people worldwide for chatting purposes. With the help of the webcam or the front camera of your laptop, desktop or mobile, you can use OMGChat to connect to strangers and chat with them online. The platform of OMGChat is pretty huge, and a vast community for chatting exists which are comprised of the users of OMGChat. One of the main reasons satisfied users have to say about OMGChat is that it provides connection almost immediately, across any part of the world. Millions of users from different countries of the globe are active users of OMGChat, and anyone is welcome to come and join the online chatting community by being a user of the OMGChat website.

As the users belong from all parts of the world, the interests, the culture and the views of the different users are very different. This brings diversity to the online chatting community of OMGChat which you can also be a part of. With the help of OMGChat, you will be able to chat with random strangers or people you like. The options of chatting are available in both video and audio. The essence of using video while chatting is to provide the users with a more comfortable feeling while interacting with someone else.

Another thing that the users love about OMGChat is that the service is completely free of cost. There is absolutely nothing you need to pay for. Any kind of membership charges, charges for chatting, for using a webcam or any kind of due fines does not exist in OMGChat either. The chat rooms use free webcam services for chatting. Multiple video chatting and chat rooms that contain multiple video themes are also available. Public mode chatting is available, and users can invite people for a private chat as well. With just a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam, you will be able to chat with any user who is using the OMGChat platform on a global scale.

However, due to some faulty addressing, the service of OMGChat has been disrupted for quite some time now. As a result, regular users have been forced to find an alternative to OMGChat that can provide the same service. As for a temporary basis, there are a lot of alternatives for OMGChat which you can use for the same purpose. Find out the best alternatives of OMGChat with which you can chat online with strangers with video and audio.

15 OMGChat Alternatives Free in 2021


1. ShockRooms

One of the leading alternatives for OMGChat is ShockRooms, and it is favoured by a huge number of people worldwide as well. Like OMGChat, it is a perfect online chatting community where you will communicate with random strangers online. Video chatting and voice chatting options are both available. Hence with the use of a webcam, one can easily interact with another user in any part of the globe. No need for creating an account either. Simply checking in with the guest option is enough for users to try it out.

2. Bit Chat

Another alternative that comes to the mind of regular users of the online chatting community of OMGChat is Bit Chat. Just like OMGChat, the working and the functionality of the platform is very similar to Bit Chat. However, the strong point of using Bit Chat is that there is an additional facility for sending instant messages to any other user in any part of the world. As long as you have an active internet connection, Bit Chat will also act as a messenger through which smooth conversations can be done. It is also famous in the market as it is one of the best P2P platforms. Also, the chat conducted through it is secured. Users do not need to worry about the privacy of the messages as Bit Chat provides end to end encryption with a high-security level. This is done keeping in mind the privacy of the users.

3. ChatIW

ChatIW is another of the famous online chatting platforms in the world which are mainly focused on socializing lonely persons. People who are bored by living alone or the persons who have been single for quite some time now, and are again actively looking for interacting with other persons will find the platform of ChatIW quite interesting. With a dedication to single users, ChatIW has combined various social programs and used them to create an application. Users can easily find new friends and can even express their personal feelings for someone else. The functionality is very high on this particular platform, and contacts search can be done easily as well. You can even discuss details with the person you are interested in. Hence, ChatIW helps you to create a relationship in a fast and hassle-free manner. If you are lucky, you may even find your soul mate here!


4. Tox.chat

Since the digitalization and advancement of technology in the communication sector in nearly all parts of the world, online communication has almost become a habit for many. The need or the want for communication is very infectious, and it has affected even the deepest of introverts. Even real-life introverts have been seen to be very much extroverted when talking online or communicating via messages or emails. Due to such huge demand for communication, Tox has come up with a multi-device online chatting platform. It has been quite famous after users have decided to try out new online chatting platforms other than OMGChat. With multiple channels for the ease of the communication of the users, Tox is slowly but steadily becoming the favourite platform for many such users. You can download Music Paradise Pro for audio streaming while chatting with someone.


5. Riot.im

One of the most uncommon yet very effective cross devices platforms for all kinds of online communication is Riot.im and it is quite well acclaimed for its huge range of different functions. The reason it is uncommon is that users tend to get confused at first with the outlook, but when they get to know it, many users have stated that they are never changing Riot.im again, even for OMGChat. With the help of Riot.im, users can easily communicate and collaborate with any other user, no matter where they are situated at present. Just with a stable internet connection, users can use the full functionality of Riot.im without any kind of restrictions. Users can use this platform for both their official and unofficial purposes.

5. ChatSecure

If you are looking for an online platform for chatting through audio or video with random strangers from any part of the globe, but you are concerned about the security of such platforms, ChatSecure is the best place for you. It is basically an online platform that is completely free for users. With the help of ChatSecure, users are able to message other users of this platform very easily. To make sure that the communication is safe and secure, the whole ChatSecure platform is well encrypted by the OTR format which is used over XMPP. As an additional measure, ChatSecure is very strongly protected any against kind of third party interference. Any kind of registration is not required either. Users with an existing account in Google can use that to connect to ChatSecure just as easily.

6. E-Chat

This particular platform for online chatting is basically a website. E-chat started as an additional chatting service for already established social media platforms. However, with time it has advanced to be one of the leading online chatting forums with their own website. This has helped the users to be able to find E-chat much more easily as compared to before. With the help of E-chat, users are able to open multiple chat rooms at once. The connection is secure and stable, and communication can be done to any of the other users over an internet connection. Public chatting rooms are mainly present, and users can use private chat rooms for their own convenience as well. The whole service does not charge any money from its users and offers equal services to everyone.

7. Otr.to

One of the most advanced online communication chat systems that have come up whenever people have talked about OMGChat is Otr.to and it is relatively quite new in the market as well. The huge popularity of this quite recent platform is mainly based on a single reason: there is no need for any kind of server for the working of Otr.to to take place. Among all the other online chatting platforms and channels that have been mentioned, Otr.to is quite different from all of them. The working procedure of this particular online communication platform is highly secretive as well. The communication mode is mainly focused on making it as private as possible. There are no registration or start-up fees of any kind and visitors can enjoy it without any extra hassle.

Image result for Kandan

8. Kandan

Just like the other online communication platforms that have been mentioned here so far, Kandan is another alternative to OMGChat which a lot of users have found to be quite reliable. This particular platform is highly secure, and it makes sure to protect the chats of its users when they are communicating with their friends, family, loved ones or any other user. The platform acts on an open-source and this has resulted in smooth processing of the platform. Any kind of extra apps, add-ins, plugins or browser extensions is not required to use Kandan. It is one of the fastest and smooth free online chatting platforms. Additionally, its security and stability make the platform even more attractive to former OMGChat users. The source code is open, as mentioned before, and it is mainly provided by the license issued by AGPL. During a good conversation, you can ask the person whom you are chatting with for a movie date and watch HD movies to grow the relationship.

9. Pidgin-Encryption

Pidgin-Encryption has been considered as one of the most used online platforms that the users have used for chatting with other people instead of OMGChat. The user-friendliness of this particular platform has attracted a lot of users and many positive reviews are coming out. It provides instant messenger services to any of the users located globally, and the encryption is said to be transparent, using RSA encryption. By deploying this type of encryption, the platform Pidgin-Encryption is doing two tasks at once. The first one is to provide a smooth messaging experience for its users. The second one is to provide a platform with a very high level of security and protection. Conversations can be made via single chats and multiple chats.

10. All4Masti

The online platform ALL4Masti is a locally based service provider for chatting over the internet with various other users, from near and far. This platform had been created with the purpose of providing everything for the entertainment of the users and it has lived upto its name quite well. Sometimes third-party apps may provide ads over All4Masti and ask for money from users as registration fees. You should be aware of the fact that all of the services are provided to the users completely free of cost. With various internet platforms for online communications, All4Masti has quite a large number of chat rooms and this has lead to make All4Masti one of the largest online communication platforms at present.

11. Zobe


Zobe is one of the top online platforms for communication which based on a different approach. Most of the online platforms which provide chat rooms for their users are mainly just providing the mode of communication where users can just chat with anyone randomly or chat with someone of their choice. Zobe, however, is not solely based on this communication as a temporary thing. With Zobe, a user is most likely to meet with people who can provide significant influence in one’s life. If both of you agree, you can even meet with the person behind the other screen in real life. The friendship created here at Zobe is not just temporary; you can find some of your best friends and companions from here as well. There are a huge number of functionalities present in Zobe, and visitors often get various types of options.

12. ZChat


Another of the top recommendations for an online chatting platform for easy communication with strangers from any part of the world is ZChat. There are a lot of users who were searching about OMGChat and related apps after its service got disrupted. ZChat was one of those leading online platforms which were providing a direct replacement of the service of OMGChat to users completely free of cost. Even today, the users do not need to pay a single amount of money to ZChat to access its services. Due to its popularity, users from both national and abroad are frequent users of ZChat. Additionally, the environment of the chat rooms present in ZChat is also quite decent and clean as compared to the other online chatting platforms.

13. Cyph


For the users who prefer a certain sense of security while chatting online with others, especially with strangers and random users, Cyph is their go-to platform. This particular website provides chatting services to its visitors. It does not charge any extra cost for that service and the user needs to only have an active internet connection. The security of this particular website’s chat room is quite high, and people are not able to get access to user’s data normally. The messaging is carried out in a completely encrypted format, and the users need not worry about anything. Any kind of threats from solo hackers and fraud agencies will not reach the chat rooms of Cyph. Therefore, the users can chat freely without any tension or worries.

14. ChatCrypt


Most of the online chatting platforms mentioned upto here are all special and unique in their own ways. The platform ChatCrypt is no exception either, and it is one of the rare websites for free online chatting with other users that provide a completely customizable chat room. The users are free to customize the chat rooms to any extent. There are no restrictions and it is completely free as well. The chat rooms are highly encrypted as well to make sure that your personal conversation with friends, family or loved ones remains safe and secure. The chatting rooms can be segregated into various groups and users have full control over this separation as well.

15. Chatzy


Lastly, one of the best providers of online chatting services with random persons around the world is Chatzy. It has also been quite popular since the search for alternative online chatting platforms for OMGChat. The chat rooms are completely private and the service provided by Chatzy does not charge anything from its users. The users are free to join Chatzy and connect with people of their choice or connect with random strangers as well. Users are also able to build their own dedicated rooms for chatting. Outsiders or people of choice can be invited to such particular chat rooms via messaging from the platform itself, or by contacting externally, for example, via email. When the respected users accept your request, they can interact with you in your own dedicated chat rooms as well.


All of the above-mentioned platforms that provide the service for chatting, chats using video, chat using audio only, messaging and basic communication are excellent in their own ways and provide the users with the utmost online chatting experience. With the usage of OMGChat becoming less, the users can use any of the alternative online platforms mentioned here to get near about the same experience. Since perceptions vary from person to person, you may find these online platforms of different quality of services. So, choose whichever suits you the best.

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