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Kiss 108 Matty in the Morning is Now ‘Billy and Lisa in the Morning’ (October 2023)

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After the legendary retirement of Matt Seigel on the radio, listeners will now wake up with Billy & Lisa in the Morning instead of Matty in the Morning.

Yes, the commercial gold leaning top 40/CHR radio station Kiss 108 personalities Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan will now officially lead the music station’s morning show which Matt Seigel previously led.

Want to know what is the complete story behind Kiss 108 Matty in the Morning? If so, keep your eyes on the article till the end.

What is Kiss 108

Matt Seigel

Before getting to the topic, let me show you what exactly Kiss 108 is. Kiss 108, officially named WXKS-FM (107.9 FM), is a commercial gold-leaning top 40/CHR radio station.

The radio station is licensed to serve Medford, Massachusetts and Greater Boston. On 1 September 1960, the station first aired as WHIL-FM, a simulcast of sister station WHIL. It was broadcasting its own program after the sunset.

In late 1972, the station became a beautiful music station named WWEL and WWEL-FM. However, the station was not very successful as a beautiful music format. Therefore, they decided to broadcast the night games of the Boston Red Sox in 1978.

In early 1979, the station was sold to Heftel communications, operated by Cecil Heftel. Then the station’s name was changed to WXKS-FM and branded Kiss 108. From a beautiful music format, it was changed to a disco format.

What happened to Matty in the Morning?

Kiss 108

After a decade of Matty in the Morning, Matt Siegel has officially announced his retirement from the radio. Matt Sieger was the show’s longtime host, and now he has decided to retire from a legendary 41 years of career.

Listers love him for his telling witty anecdotes from his life and not holding back with his humour. Unfortunately, on 3 May 2022, he announced his retirement. In explanation, Matt said he is making this decision due to his rough last year. He was suffering from brain surgery and a broken foot.

Also, he mentioned that he was doing this radio station’s job to make people laugh, and after suffering from all this, he started getting a little grumpy. Matt hated his weird behaviour on the radio and made his decision.

Matt was not alone in his decision. His wife and kids equally helped him a lot in taking this decision. After retiring from the radio, Matt wants to start his career in a new way as a mediocre golfer.

Matt’s disrespectful joke about Demi’s announcement becomes the reason for his retirement

A year before Matt’s retirement, he was interviewing Demi Lovato, in which Demi shared that their official gender pronouns are now they/them. Then Matt began commenting on the singer’s announcement in a way that managed at the radio station uncomfortable.

Later many Twitter users started trolling Matt Seigel that he disrespectfully joked about Demi’s announcement, which could be the reason why Kiss 108 manager asked him to stop talking about Demi while on the air.

Matt doesn’t like being stopped from talking about a specific topic. So that is why he decided to retire from the Matty in the Morning in the middle. However, on air, Matt mentioned that I like to be my own boss, and no one can stop me from talking about something.

He ended the radio show portion by saying he just loved his listeners. He thinks it is a hell of a run, and it’s about to come to an end.

Kiss 108 Matty in the Morning:- Now, Listeners will wake up with Billy & Lisa in the Morning

Kiss 108 Matty in the Morning

After the retirement of Matt Seigel, Kiss 108 celebrities Lisa Donovan and Billy Costa will officially lead the music station’s morning show, Matty in the Morning. Now, listeners will wake up with Billy & Lisa in the Morning, not Matty in the Morning.

Justin Aguirre and Winnie Akoury will stay onboard as co-hosts. However, since 1980, Billy Costa has been working with Kiss 108, and Lisa Donovan has been working with Kiss 108 since 2002.

Previously, they were working in the show alongside Matt Seigel Matty in the Morning. But time has changed, now they have been seen leading the show. During an interview with a news channel, Billy Costa said that Boston is his house, and the audience plays a significant role in his life.

Kiss 108 consists of a world-class team, and they all are thankful for their embrace of the new show. They believe that the show must go on after the retirement of a legendary show host, Matt Seigel. They will keep entertaining their audience in the Morning with their show.

Matt Seigel has no plans to return to Matty in the Morning

Matt Seigel

During an interview with Boston.com, Matt shared his thoughts that he still wants to work in Matty in the Morning. He mentioned that he has no personal grudges against the boss, team members and the company.

He believes that they’re doing their job. The audience starts complaining about the things that forced them to decide to stop Matt from talking on the topic. Matt said that he also did not want to react like that.

But the situation became something like this; suddenly, a call came from upper management asking him to stop discussing Demi Lovato. At that moment, he felt very bad and felt like he couldn’t be there anymore.

That is the only reason Matt decided to leave the show. In exchange, the company responded what? You can’t do that. The company was quite shocked by Matt’s decision. They were not agreeing with what Matt was saying.

But Matt Seigel stays on his stand and makes a strong decision to leave the company. Matt and the company seem not ready for a mutual decision. Matt has entirely made up his mind to retire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Matt Seigel?

He is a retired American radio personality known for hosting the renowned Matty in the Morning show in Massachusetts on Kiss 108 from 1981 to 2022.

2. Who will replace Matt Seigel in Matty in the Morning?

The longtime Kiss 108 personalities Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan will officially lead Matty in the Morning show. It will rebrand to Billy & Lisa in the Morning.

3. When Matt Seigel announced his retirement?

Matt Seigel announced his retirement in 2022.

Wrapping Up

Kiss108 Matty in the Morning is the perfect example of the show must go on. After the legendary retirement of Matt Seigel, Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan immediately took the lead of the show and decided to keep entertaining their listeners.

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