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Cat Valentine In Victorious: Fun Facts to Know (December 2023)

Why Did Cat Act Like That in Victorious

What Was the Show ‘Victorious’ All About?

The Dan Schneider sitcom ‘Victorious‘ was Nickelodeon’s one of the funniest, riveting and most popular shows during the early 2010s. The show aired for three seasons and revolved around the Hollywood Arts performing arts school and Tori Vega, a student looking forward to getting recognition in her school and the performing arts industry. Tori is a singer in the show who is accompanied by a very lovable group of characters that features the likes of Robbie, Andre, Jade, Beck, Trina, and Cat. As the show proceeds, Tori meets Andre, a musician, who later becomes best friends with Tori.

Tori also meets Cat, with whom she is pretty close as well. Robbie is a socially awkward character who carries around a puppet named Rex. Finally, there is Jade, who can be called Tori’s ‘frenemy’ in the show, and her down-to-earth boyfriend Beck. Each of these characters brings something of their own to the group.

ariana grande as cat valentine

Victorious Cast

  • Victoria Justice as Tori Vega.
  • Leon Thomas III as Andre Harris.
  • Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro.
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West.
  • Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine.
  • Avan Jogia as Beck Oliver.
  • Daniella Monet as Trina Vega.

Who is Cat Valentine?

Cat Valentine, played by the international pop star Ariana Grande, was arguably the show’s most comic and animated character. So much so that her comical character could be called dim-witted occasionally. It’s safe to say that she might also be the show’s most fashionable and recognisable character, thanks to her dyed red hair. Cat’s funny character could quickly cause you to ask why she is so crazy and unstable. Here in this article, we will answer that question of yours.

Why was Cat crazy in Victorious?

Ariana Grande graced the role of Cat Valentine in the show. During the show’s four-season course, Cat became one of the fan-favorite characters. Her big heart and loving and caring nature made her likable to the fans. In addition, her quirky and jittery personal qualities helped win over the hearts of the viewers of the show. However, on the contrary, she was pretty dim-witted, stubborn, did not take criticism, got angry very quickly and phased out quite often.

Possible family issues

The show does not broadcast much of Cat’s home life. This makes it difficult to understand why Cat was the way she was.

We know that Cat’s brother had mental health issues and her parents were not exactly the caring and affectionate kind, which could be one of the contributing factors to Cat’s erratic behavior at times. The way Cat talks about her family and her suffering abuse from her mentally unstable brother might also be a reason for Cat’s crazy mental orientation.

Cat might have bipolar disorder

The traits that Cat exhibits are typical of someone who has bipolar disorder. An inflated sense of self-esteem, overly talkative and fleeting thoughts are symptoms of bipolar disorder. In addition to these symptoms, she exhibits some more traits like being incredibly driven or lazy towards something and actively participating in actions that can cause harmful or painful consequences without much thought, which further confirms the possibility of Cat being Bipolar. A small BTS titbit on the YouTube channel Jayniac Jr showed Robbie singing about the show’s other characters. This is where he mentions Cat being bipolar.

In addition to all these reasons, some fan theories suggest that Cat might also be autistic, leading to her being the way she is.


After running its course for three seasons, the show aired its final episode on Feb 2, 2013. The devastating news came as a blow to the fans, as most of them apparently blamed Ariana for the cancellation. But unfortunately, the show got canceled even before the fourth season could be filmed. For this reason, Nickelodeon split the third season in half, which enabled the show to have a fourth season. There were rumors that, due to her busy schedule, the show had to come to an end. However, that fact can be contradicted when, later on, she was seen in a spin-off named Sam and Cat.

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