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Joe Burrow Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher (November 2023)

Who is Joe Burrow's Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher

Joe Burrow is one of the well-known names in the world of football. As a talented quarterback who led LSU to an undefeated season and a national champion in 2019, he has garnered much attention from fans.

Currently, Burrow is playing for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. Off the field, his personal life has also been the subject of interest, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher.

While not as high-profile as other celebrity couples, Burrow and Holzmacher have drawn attention due to their shared passion for sports and fitness. Keep reading the article to explore who Olivia Holzmacher is, what she does for a living, and how and when she met her boyfriend, Burrow.

Who is Joe Burrow?

Who is Joe Burrow

Before starting with the main topic, let’s talk a bit about the famous footballer Burrow.

Born on 10 December 1996, Joe Burrow is a famous American football quarterback playing for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. He was born in Ames, Iowa, United States, and raised in The Plains, Ohio.

He began playing football at a very early age. From 2018 to 2019, he played college football at Louisiana State University. In 2019, he led LSU to an undefeated season and a national championship.

Throughout his football career, he won numerous awards, including the Heisman Trophy for the best player in college football and the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship as a senior.

Who is Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher?

Joe Burrow's Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher

His girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, is a graduate of Ohio University. When Burrow used to play college football for Ohio University, Holzmacher was a cheerleader there for the Ohio University Bobcats.

According to LinkedIn, Holzmacher is a senior Data analyst at Kroger. She worked for Kroger’s e-commerce pickup and delivery services. She also used to provide insights into operational metrics and customer experiences.

Holzmacher has always been a constant support in Burrow’s on-field and off-field life. She has been spotted at many of his LSU and Cincinnati Bengals games. The duo often used to share pictures of each other on their social media handles, giving fans a glimpse of their romantic relationship.

Despite her boyfriend’s fame, Holzmacher used to keep his life private. She rarely publicly discusses her relationship with Burrow. She has an Instagram account with more than 140K followers.

How and When Burrow and Holzmacher First Met Each Other?

The couple first met each other at Ohio University, where Burrow was playing football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. The two were college sweethearts at the university. Even though Burrow got transferred to LSU, their love story didn’t stop.

She even shared her photo with Burrow celebrating an LSU win on her Instagram handle.

When Burrow was selected in the NFL 2020 Draft, Holzmacher shared a picture saying So excited for What the future holds for him.

During Cincinnati Bengals games, Holzmacher always supported Burrow and shared a lot of snaps of him winning the season. Holzmacher is not only with Burrow in his good times, but she is with him in his bad times as well.

On 29 January 2023, she posted a photo and video on her Instagram story of the Cincinnati Bengals losing to Kansas City by 23-20. In August 2017, they started dating each other. She confirmed it by sharing a picture of her and Burrow on her social media.

On 11 February 2023, the couple attended Michael Rubin’s 2023 Fanatics Super Bowl Party. They were dressed casually, with Holzmacher wearing a white button-down and Burrow wearing a green shirt and a colorful bucket hat.

Recently, they welcomed a new member to their family, Beau the Goldendoodle. She shared a picture of her dog on her social media, describing him as way too calm and sweet.

How Important is Holzmacher to Me in My Life?

During an interview, Burrow opened up about his love life with Holzmacher. He said she is important to him and in his life. He added that she has always been on his side through everything.

Burrow said she helped me to stay calm when things get hectic, and she has been my support system through both the odds and the odds of my life. Burrow’s statement clearly showed his love and affection towards Holzmacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is Joe Burrow’s Net Worth?

His net worth is around $1 million. But it will continue to grow as the year left on his $36.1 million agreement with the Cincinnati Bengals.

2. Does Joe Burrow have a Girlfriend?

Burrow’s girlfriend is Olivia Holzmacher. In August 2017, Holzmacher and Burrow began dating each other.

3. Is Joe Burrow Married?

No, Burrow is not married yet. He is in a dating relationship with Holzmacher.

Wrapping Up

Here is everything we got to know regarding Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher. She is a very supportive partner in Burrow’s life. With a loving and supportive partner like Holzmacher on his side, there is no doubt that Burrow has a bright future.

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