Mobile Gaming

5G and the Games Market: New Era of Mobile Gaming

Who would have ever thought that the gaming industry would turn out to be as huge as it is today when it was...

best educational games for kids

7 Games That Are A Fun Way to Engage Kids in Academic Learning

Ever seen how kids play games at the park? They’ll play like there’s no tomorrow, running and laughing with unabated energy. And you...

strategy games for kids

10 Most Popular Strategy Games That Can Encourage Kids to Think ‘Outside-The-Box’

It is no secret that an effectively developed strategy game can teach valuable skills to children. These games also aid in enhancing knowledge...


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angry birds game

Different Versions of Angry Birds Video Game Since the 2009 Launch

Angry Birds has become a trendsetter for all game developers. It has not been because of any sort of huge graphics but the...