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7 Workplace Cleanliness Etiquette Every Employee Must Follow

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Workplace Cleanliness Etiquette Every Employee Must Follow

While office cleaning might need the help of professionals, that does not mean that you cannot do something about it.

There is an unwritten rule that employees must follow to ensure office cleanliness. Otherwise, it can be challenging to be productive at work.

That said, we have listed down seven workplace cleanliness etiquette that you should know and follow:

1. Don’t Eat at Your Desk

It is not surprising to know that eating at your desk is not a good idea. Yet, many employees keep on doing it.

Here’s the thing: Spending your lunchtime at your desk discourages you from standing up and moving. And this can impose a long-term health risk.

Moreover, it can make your workspace messy and prone to accidents. You would not want to spill your drink on your keyboard, would you?

Such accidents will not only be messy, but it also costs money to replace a damaged keyboard.

2. Clean Before Clocking Out

Before you clock out from work, it would be best to declutter your desk.

It is as simple as arranging your papers, putting them in a folder, and placing it in a drawer. But it is better if you can wipe down your desk and sweep the floor. It is also a great idea if you can sanitize your workspace and it is not only ensure that your workspace is clean, also allows you to have the right mindset the following workday. This explains why a clean workspace can make you a productive employee.

3. Organize Your Cords

For every employee’s safety, we always tell our clients at Maid Sailors Maid Service Jersey City to keep your cords neat and organized.

In case you do not know, electrical equipment can expose employees to a lot of accidents. They can trip, and it can cause electrical shock, burns, and fire.

That said, Brett Brenner, president of Electrical Safety Foundation International, shares the following:

  • Use an electrical surge protector
  • Ensure that the electrical load is not too much
  • Do not overload your outlets
  • Ensure that electrical cords are not damaged
  • Do not run electrical wires in high-traffic areas

4. Use Proper Storage

One reason there is clutter in your workspace is that you do not have proper storage.

Sure, drawers and filing cabinets can be a great storage solution, but it can only do so much. You will still need something to place your papers, pens, staples, calculator, and more.

Using paper organizers and pen canisters do not only help you organize your stuff. It also ensures that your items are easy to reach. Thus, you do not have to waste time search for your pen whenever you need it.

5. Take the Trash Out

Cleaning your workspace and organizing your stuff is not enough. It is also essential to take out the trash regularly. Otherwise, you will be inviting pests and vermins to the office.

Sure, there is the janitor. But that does not excuse you from throwing your trash correctly. More so, if you know the location of the chute on your floor.

At the very least, you should throw your trash to the appropriate bin. That way, you can keep your desk clean, and you are not a nuisance to the janitor.

6. Discard Your Unused Item

Here’s the thing: Mess and clutter build up over time.That is why it is very crucial to keep your workspace clean. Otherwise, you will see a mountain of trash within days.

One process to prevent this from happening is by discarding unused items.

Do you really need to collect those busted staple wires? Do you have to keep that pen that is no longer working?

These are items that take up space yet will not make you productive. Hence, you should discard them.

Before clocking out, make it a habit to check your table for unused items. And then include them in the trash that you will bring out.

7. Make it a Priority

During this Covid-19 pandemic, cleanliness and sanitation prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. As a result, employees are less likely to file for sick leave.

Thus, it is vital to make cleanliness and sanitation in the office a priority.

Of course, the best way to put relevant policies in place is to make it easy for the employees to follow.

It can be as simple as having dedicated storage for cleaning supplies. You can also opt to place recycling bins in strategic places in the office. At the very least, make it easy for everyone to organize their desk.

An office’s cleanliness can say a lot about the people who run the business. That’s why it is vital to put in place rules about keeping everyone’s workspace organized. Doing so will benefit not only each employee but also the entire company.

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