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What is the Mission Statement – Mission Statement Definition

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what is the mission statement

To run a successful business, there are lots of planning and organization skills required. These days when the competition is at its peak and there are millions of companies starting every day. Achieving the goals and finding the right audience can be a real hassle. That’s why the mission statement is used. Not just it gives the purpose to the company but for the employees and wonders, it allows one common goal as well. To get more about what is the mission statement and how you use it, here is what might help.

What is the Mission Statement?

A Mission Statement contains one to three sentences that explain the goals of your company. Your company’s mission statement summarizes what the organization stands for. It tells what the brand provides to its customers, clients, employees, and owners. It articulates the purpose of your company. A mission statement is a way to unify your business towards an ideology.

How Do You Identify The Bad Mission Statement?

Mission statement whereas a part of the traditional business plan. The bad mission statements often happen when there is no need for one in the first place. The majority are meaningless and created due to hype for describing the business. Instead of following some checklist experts, write mission statements to clarify the business goals. This can be helpful for you, investors, employees, and customers.

Your mission statement probably stinks because of these reasons –

Too general

If you find that the only difference between your mission statement is your company’s name, then it’s too general. The mission statement should be shaped according to your company. It should be specific and direct. Avoid using cliche or overused jargon words in the sentences to keep it fresh and interesting.

Fluffy content

Most of the mission statements are either too chewy or wordy. Or, it’s filled with meaningless and vague sentences. The statement should be on point and retable to your employee as well as customers. Also, avoid writing because you ‘ should’ write one.

Confusing and Boring

Simplicity is the key to writing an effective and meaningful mission statement. It should be exciting and spark interest. Keep it clean for you to understand and obvious from the start. Avoid saying too much in it, or adding everything.

Mission Statement Examples

There are some inspirational mason statements given by companies. You can look at it to know more about what is a missions statement and get some ideas –

Starbucks – “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Slack – “Make work-life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

The coca-cola company – “Refresh the world. Make a difference.”

Patagonia – “We’re in business to save our home planet.”

How To Write a Mission Statement?

Now you know what is a mission statement, and now you just need to write one.

Well to write a useful and effective mission statement, understand the basics first. It includes the following points.

What does your company do?

You do not need to be fancy with this at all. To get this, think about the person who might take design to buy what you sell. Use the imagination to understand why he or she will need it and how they can find you. Keep this story in your head as it will help in guiding throughout your mission statement process. It will help in creating the unique persona of your company and how it can help the buyers.

Use the story to write down what your company does. Stop yourself from going overboard with the values and goals. Narrow down the specialty and unique services. It plays a crucial part in your mission statement as it defines what your company is capable of offering,

What your company can do and how?

The next step includes what your company does for its employees and owners. Add what matters and what you want to say. Keep it short but effective and valuable.

Also, describe what your company does without giving a complete description. Use the core values for expressing your business. Tell about how you started this, what made you inspired and spark the interest to start the business. It will help in motivating others and attract those who share a similar mindset of yours.

Advantages & Disadvantage of Mission Statement

For the company, advantage and distance can help in understanding whether you want to go with this or not. Where the mission statement can help in giving the purpose and highlights the abilities, there are some drawbacks too.

A mission statement is a famous concept among large companies. It is widely used as compared to any other tool in management. The cost of making is less and in return, it gives useful guidance to the company.

To understand what is the mission statement, it’s important to get how it can help you and your company

Guides and navigation

To survive in this fierce competition in the market, Your business requires direction and proper guidance. This is one of the biggest advantages of mission statements. The company without purpose would not stand for long and it’s dangerous.

Eliminates doubts and errors

The mission statement gives a clear purpose to the employees and the management. People like shareholders and investors who are interested in knowing the company’s progression. They can track the result and it can help in taking the right choice. It helps in removing the doubts and gives a clear image of the company.

Help in resolving conflicts

Having a written mission statement can help during arguments and times of conflict. The mana can take easy reference and avoid confusion in the work. The written statement can help in calming down the situation and for the best eliminates it.

Work as a communication and motivational tool

Business requires communication. Not just between employees but with owners and founders too. The mission statement gives a clear goal to everyone on which they can work together. having a simple and clear mission statement also works as a motivational tool. It gives a common goal which is beneficial equally for everyone. Also, it boosts productivity and satisfaction in employees.

Framework for making a decision

Taking decisions for the company, so it can be equally beneficial for stakeholders is a tough challenge. The decision-makers often get stuck between what to choose. With the help of the mission statement, the decision-maker can use this as a framework for tracking the overall records and achievements. Not just they will get a clear idea but also eliminate possible errors.

The mission statement also brings some drawbacks along with the positive effects. In the case of a poor mission statement, it can be over-promised and lack clear indication regarding the business.

Here are some major disadvantages that you should keep in mind after you understand what is the mission statement.

It can be unrealistic

In lots of cases, the mission statement is way too optimistic and unrealistic. Such mission statements not just reduce the chances of meeting the standards but also demotivates the employees. It can affect the overall morale of the workplace and employees. This kind of statement serves no purpose. But to achieve the goals, a poor decision could be taken that can harm the business as well. Not to forget, time and resources can be wasted.

Resource and time waste

The mission statement requires time, research, and proper planning. Those people who are involved in creating these statements if it’s not achieved then the creating process could turn complete waste. A good mission statement whereas helping the company is working effectively, a bad one can harm its potential. Also from making to implementing, a Mission statement requires capital too.

Leads conflicts

When the mission statement is not developed properly, the chances of contradicting others turn high. It can lead to conflicts between others. Not just it could slow down the work but also disturb the management and delay the others as well.

Short term focused

In several cases, the Mission statement is internal and short term in nature. Unlike the objectives set according to the strategic plans, mission statements can disappear at some point. For example, camera films are not required anymore as now digital cameras are in the market. Mission statements are not futuristic and it might be a problem for the companies.

Worthless or too ambiguous

The major disadvantage of using a mission statement is it can be worthless in case of the wrong implementation. The statement can be confusing, vague, and empty. To make effective statements, the company requires all important steps. If the implementation turns wrong, it can cost a lot as well.


Mission statement whereas can be helpful depending on the need and requirements. Also, keep the more you know about what is a mission statement and how it can be useful along with its positive and negative effect. The statement whereas defines the reason behind why the company exists. It can help share the vision and communicate well with others.

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