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What is Marketing Collateral and How Can It Be Used?

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If you want to have customers, you need marketing collateral. If you want to grow your employment team, you need marketing collateral. Now you might be wondering, what on earth is marketing collateral, and why is it so important to my business?

We’ve got those answers and more for you below. Continue reading to learn all about marketing collateral.

What Is Marketing Collateral?

Collateral as a general term refers to property. Now put two together; marketing collateral is just the entire collection of marketing property a company owns.

This “property” can be anything from a billboard to an e-newsletter. Anything communicating your brand’s message will be considered marketing collateral.

There are hundreds of marketing collateral categories, and any new marketing material you create will add a new category. Keep reading for some marketing collateral examples and their uses.

Company Swag

This is both an internal and external serving collateral. What that means is, it can be used to market to both customers and job prospects. Examples of company swag can be branded pens, cardholders, stress balls, or folders.

These items can be used to promote new products or services. However, they can also be used to attract job hunters at recruitment fairs. If gifted to employees, it will serve as free advertisement whenever they use this swag in public.

Press Releases

New stories released to the press on your business put their audience’s eyes on you. Press releases are also a great way to form connections within your industry. Publications that cover your business will likely continue to cover any important updates throughout your company’s existence.

If you have a PR team, they will handle press releases through media kits or deliverables. Otherwise, you can try contacting relevant publications via email.


Banners can run in digital or print form. Digital banners are advertisements. They are quite expensive but can yield a high return.

Print banners can be in magazines, billboards, train stations, malls, or anywhere essentially. These are also pricey but can get a lot of impressions. If you are looking for capital to upgrade your marketing collateral, look into a term loan.

A term loan provides your business with capital for a certain period of time term. Your property can be collateralized for a loan like this. Essentially this means you pledge an asset to your lender in return for business financing.


If you run a collaborative business, mention your partners. Just mentioning past or current partners on your website can add legitimacy to your business.

Providing clientele names shows transparency. It also gives a potential customer the confidence to become a paying customer.

Collateral to Customers

Marketing collateral can be a powerful tool to secure trust for your business. This trust can turn into partnerships and long-lasting customer relationships.

Experiment with our collateral recommendations above or try your own. Make sure it is relevant to your industry and desired customer. For more tips, continue reading on our blog!

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