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Ways to Grow Your Business with Video

by may15media
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To succeed and grow your business in the current world, you need to understand and adapt to the numerous changes brought about by technological advancement. Today, you can no longer depend on written content and images alone to successfully promote your brand. It is not interactive and uninteresting for modern consumers inundated with live streaming, creative 360 videos, and augmented reality. That means the video is vital in promoting your business and worthy investment.

Video content is more expressive than written content. They give you a chance to interact with your clients more engagingly and interactively. Video content has an emotional appeal to your audience and lets your audience feel connected with you.

Here are practical ways you can use to grow your business with quality video content.

Improve consumer trust by sharing video on social media

With the development of technology and the invention of smartphones, people can access the internet and social media platforms anytime and anywhere. There are more than 4.2 billion social media users around the world. That is why sharing and promoting your product and services online to solve people’s problems is vital in your business growth.

Your business can expand its reach rapidly by sharing creative and compelling videos on social media platforms. Most social media platforms are updating and reconstructing their systems to give a boost to native videos. Therefore, you will get better visibility if you share your videos directly on social media, improving lead generation.

Social video content attracts more eye than text and images, and if a prospect engages with you and like your product or services, they might share with their friends and families. This provides your business with an excellent opportunity to build your reputation and brand while potentially reaching out to new clients or customers.

Your video content can include promoting a new product or service, answers to FAQs, special announcements, and support to-related questions. Video companies like Spiel advise you to ensure your video is optimized for mobile because more people access the internet by mobile phones.

Use video to share your brand’s story.

Video content provides you with an opportunity to build your brand while entertaining your prospects and customers in a more engaging and fun way than written content. It can bring leads to your landing page and help them get an idea of what your product is all about. You can have explainer videos to hook your clients and persuade them deeper into what your brand has to offer and why it is better than the other brands in the market while educating them. To develop an informative and compelling explainer video, you need to keep the video simple and focus on your product or services’ benefits.

Trust building, credibility building, and customer awareness go hand in hand if you want your business to grow. Video content helps with just that. Customer testimonials and worker interviews are great ways to share positive experiences and engage with your customers. Video builds a stronger connection with the viewer. And with customer recordings about their experience with your products and services, your brand will come out as genuine and trustworthy.

Supplement your marketing strategy by optimizing your video content

As a growing business, there are challenges when it comes to increasing the number of clientele. If you are experiencing this challenge, quality video content can give the right SEO boost to rank higher and attract more prospects.

Today, Google and other search engines are recognizing pages differently, and having written content alone will not be effective in promoting your business growth. Web pages with videos are considered credible and rich with content compared to those with traditional text-only sites.

Here are some tips you use to improve your video’s SEO power:

  • Include metadata on the video: Metadata is the descriptions and titles google pull out and display on the search result. Optimizing your video metadata to include keywords that match user search encourages clicks. Customizing your thumbnail also makes your content valuable.
  • Use a speedy video player: It is essential to focus on improving the quality, speed, and authority of your website. Ensure you use a video player that loads metadata in the background without holding up the rest of the page elements.
  • Add transcriptions and captions to your video: This allows you to give users more control and make your videos more visible in search results. For instance, if you promote a new service, say a new hair salon, you can incorporate some keywords into the script like hairstylist or hair extensions near me.

Engage your customers with a live streaming video

Today, live streaming videos have become a norm, especially with the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Live streaming video is a great way to engage with your customers and show you’re your expertise and building trust. A small tool business can utilize effectively to compete effectively with the big and already established companies. This is because live streaming video allows you to leverage more personalized attention and engagement. After all, you have a small customer base.

Collecting leads from your videos.

You can effectively use videos to collect leads. Creating and sharing creative and informative videos is the first step, but you need to think of how you can further engage your viewers after visiting your site. You can use top-of-funnel videos to grab your customer’s attention and create brand awareness while capturing leads. Bottom-of-funnel videos convert high quality leads into regular customers by focusing on product purchases using explainer videos.


Making quality and informative videos will help your business grow immensely. The above points give an insight into how you can effectively use video to grow your business by building trust and credibility. Videos for marketing or advertising your business can help you move the needle to your business growth.

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