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The 11 Best Live Chat Tools for Customer Support

The 11 Best Live Chat Tools for Customer Support

Customers may not always find what they are looking for on your website. In this case, they may be looking for live support, which can be done using a phone call or a live chat. If you are thinking of getting a live chat for your website, consider the 11 best live chat software.

How Does Live Chat Work?

Live chat is a window on the website that appears to the customer. The customer opens that chat and can type a message to the customer support agent. The support agent sees the same window and can type the answer to the customer.

Types of Live Chat Tools

There are two types of live chat tools. A tool that is used provides better analytics for your live chat, and you can also use artificial intelligence. A tool that is connected to another service is less expensive and more convenient.

How to Choose the Best Live Chat Tool

When looking for chat support software, you should consider the following:

  • What is the purpose you have when you are getting a live chat tool?
  • Which tools do you already have?
  • How much money are you going to spend on a live chat tool?

The Best Live Chat Tools to Provide Customer Support

When thinking of live chat support outsourcing, consider the 11 best live chat tools.

1. Help Scout

Help Scout is a great option if you are starting to use live chat. It provides the best information for support, provides a live chat, and allows customers to look through the chat history on the website. The price is a minimum of $20 per month.

2. Olark

Olark is a live chat tool designed for teams and has advanced features. The advanced features include artificial intelligence, such as chatbots that can talk to customers instead of support agents. The price is a minimum of $29 per month.

3. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is designed for mobile teams and is a dedicated tool. The tool has its own set of features that can be easily installed. A great advantage of the tool is its functionality on mobile devices. The minimum price is $39 per month.

4. LiveChat

LiveChat allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time. What is more, you can deliver targeted messages to your website visitors. There are also many features for team management and chatbots. The minimum price is $16 per month.

5. Chaport

The main purpose of the Chaport live chat tool is to create a chatbot. It allows your team to spend less time on customer support. The tool is free and has an advanced version with a minimum price of $15 per month.

6. Acquire

Acquire is a dedicated tool designed to connect customers to social accounts. This is your option if your team communicates with clients using social media websites. It can be used on Instagram and Tik Tok, but it has a higher price than other tools.

7. Podium

Podium is a live chat tool that has a wide range of services. An advantage of the tool is its video chat feature together with a text chat. It is more like a platform for messaging with wide functionality. The minimum price is $189 per month.

8. HubSpot Live Chat

HubSpot provides a completely free live chat tool. It is a good option if you are only testing a live chat feature on your website and do not want to buy it.

9. Chatlio

Chatlio is a live chat tool that you can use via Slack. In addition, your team can communicate with clients directly from Slack. The minimum price is $29 per month.

10. SnapEngage

SnapEngage is a chat tool that allows your team to use chatbots. Its main advantage is your ability to communicate with clients from multiple channels. There are several pricing plans to choose from.

11. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a platform for customer support. It also offers a live chat feature with great automation in plans for a high price. The minimum fee is $15 per month.

Find the Best Live Chat Tool

Live chat is a great option for real-time customer support. Based on statistics, 40% of customers prefer live support. For a small business, plans with a minimum price of $20 per month are better.

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