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The Benefits of Using a Registered Agent

The Benefits of Using a Registered Agent

If you’re located in Missouri, it’s a good idea to use a registered agent when setting up and running your business. This is because a Missouri registered agent can provide your business with several valuable benefits. These benefits include enhanced privacy, easier compliance with business filing laws, reliable mail reception, doing business in Missouri more conveniently (if your firm is incorporated in another state), and more. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a Missouri-registered agent.

How Businesses Can Benefit by Using a Registered Agent

Easier Compliance with Business Filings Laws

One of the biggest benefits of using a registered agent is easier compliance with your state’s business filings laws. Each state has different requirements for the forms that businesses are required to file on a yearly or quarterly basis. Not only does the information required vary from state, but the deadlines for filing vary. Any business that does not meet these requirements can face large fines.

A good registered agent will provide your business with assistance in meeting these regulations. For example, many registered agents will provide their clients with reminders so that they can get their paperwork in by the required deadline. Some registered agent services will even provide businesses with assistance in completing the paperwork.

Ensure the Receipt of Important Mail

Another vital benefit provided by a registered agent is that the company will get all of the important mail and legal documents sent to their address. This may not happen if the company uses its office address or even the personal address of the business owner.

With a registered agent, the agent’s address will be on file with the state. This means that legal documents and government mail will be sent to the agent. Registered agents always ensure that someone is on hand to receive important mail during business hours.

Businesses that use an office address or the personal address of the company’s owner cannot be sure that they will be able to receive important mail. For example, the business owner may be absent from their office for an appointment when a process server attempts to deliver legal documents. This could keep them from finding out about relevant legal proceedings.

Enhanced Privacy

The address of a business’ registered agent is a matter of public record. This means that anyone can look it up for free. Businesses that don’t use a registered agent often find themselves inundated with spam letters. This can be avoided by using a registered agent, who will receive (and destroy) such letters for you.

Out-of-State Businesses Need a Missouri Registered Agent

All businesses are required to have a registered agent in all of the states in which they do business. For example, a business registered in Florida will have to get a registered agent in Missouri if they do business in this state. This is required because someone needs to be able to receive mail and legal documents from the State of Missouri within the state itself. All states have similar laws about registered agents. Out-of-state businesses can do business in other states like Missouri once they obtain the services of a registered agent.

Finding a Reputable Registered Agent

It is important for businesses that plan to operate in Missouri to get a registered agent. There are several things that businesses looking for a registered agent should look for. If you are looking for a registered agent in Missouri, it is a good idea to find a firm that specializes in this state. There are many national registered agent firms that serve Missouri and other states, but these firms will not be as knowledgeable about Missouri’s business laws as a Missouri-based registered agent service.

It is also important that the registered agent service that you choose offers a full selection of services. For example, some registered agent services simply provide an address that you can use instead of your own address when registering a business. However, it is best to find a registered agent service that accepts and forwards mail to their clients. Also, an ideal registered agent service will help your business comply with all of the paperwork requirements and deadlines in Missouri.

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