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How to Spot a Good Candidate at Interview: Checklist for Hiring Employees

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how to spot a good candidate at interview

Hiring can be a success or a complete disaster. Here is a brief guide on how to hire the right candidates by doing preliminary tests and using various other sources.

The labor market is facing stiff competition making it hard for job creators from all industries to find and employ skilled workers who can blend with an established team’s workplace dynamics and the culture of the company. Many investors have decided to issue a computer skills assessment test as a way of determining whether a candidate is worth hiring. It is a good initiative for hiring a new breed of employees.

The hiring procedure is not only challenging for candidates but also for the Human resources department. The reason is that they must sit down and prepare a computer skills assessment test to ensure the applicants are meeting the basic requirements of the vacant positions. Nowadays, people have ways of forging documents, hence employers must test their skills.

Checklist for Hiring Employees

Begin the Search Earlier

As an employer, you should not wait for a lazy employee occupying a position in management to get fired then start looking for a valid candidate for replacement. The trend in many organizations is that recruitment is evolving and new strategies have come up to the attention of employers. The right time to chase the right employee is now. Advertise as early as possible on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to find new potential employees.

Request the Top Employees for Referrals

A significant number of businesses claim that they employ workers mainly through referrals. Regularly, other firms are using different employment strategies like online job posting and social media platforms to get qualified applicants. The screening process is vital when a referral strategy is present. The shocking part is how much the bosses are willing to trust their top employees. For a fact, they know both the soft and hard skills required for a candidate to achieve success in that position.

Poach Candidates From Trade Fairs and Conferences

The online strategy is working well for many organizations, but it is good for your business when you participate in events that have person-person interactions. Trade shows and conferences comprise of people investing in diverse industries and others seeking employment in those firms. Sharing ideas is essential, especially with firms that have had success in consecutive financial periods. As a company looking to offload a few workers, you might as well reach out to allied businesses with an offer to switch workers, especially if they are also in the process of recruiting new talent.

Be Open to Hire Remote Workers

Some companies have had it rough when searching for a candidate to fill a competent and demanding position in management. The growing trends in communication technology have made it possible for employees working in different industries to do their work at home offices. 40% of adults who are working can trade a cut in salary for the choice of working remotely. 60% say that it is good to be flexible when seeking a job. Although it is not such an ideal way of working, it is known to capture the best-qualified candidates for a vacant position.

Build the Business Brand

Publicity is a perfect technique for attracting potential employees. A high percentage of unemployed people participate in the brands that market through social events. Employees need to get encouraged to share their experiences positively via social platforms as a way of marketing the business. This way you can attract quality talented people.

Picking the Appropriate Interview Questions

Emphasize on Soft Skills

Resumes contain information about the practical skills and experience necessary for a job position. Soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and working together are among the essential requirements that never get reflected in a resume. Employees need to have empathy and strong leadership qualities. If a candidate has soft skills, the chances of performing well if hired are high as compared to a candidate with practical experience only. Nowadays, repetitive routine tasks do not involve human labor. Automated systems do the job effectively. A skill test is essential for soft skills.

Run Individual Test to Streamline the Hiring Process

Before you begin the interviews, it is crucial to organize a skill test for all candidates to sort out the desired and the undesired type of employees. It could be a basic mathematics test or a comprehension test in a language. They do the test electronically using a computer to weigh their practical skills.

Issue Follow-up Questions From Tests

During the personal interviews, the person in charge of the human resources department should make a form containing follow-up questions based on the candidate’s performance in the skill test. It helps employers to understand the soft skills of individuals.

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