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Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path [May 2023]

is basic industries a good career path

Consumer services mean serving the consumers of different commodities. For example, repairing electrical appliances. In a world dominated by technology, the answer to the question: “Is consumer services a good career path?” is a resounding yes

Consumer services is a huge area. It includes not only the repair of electrical devices but also many other things. People nowadays rarely have any time for a lot of things. These include tasks such as paying bills or filing taxes.

Consumer services include all of these. And though these might seem easy, for someone burdened with work, these can prove to be a nightmare. And this is where consumer services come in. They can take care of all of these easily.

An Introduction to Consumer Services

The correct definition of consumer services would be experiences, methods or results. These are sold to consumers for a certain amount of money. Consumer services is a never-ending list.

They include everything: from haircuts to auto repairs. Consultation and testing of products may also be considered consumer services. Thus, it can prove to be a perfect career path for an individual.

It is so because of straightforward reasons. Any individual with deep knowledge in any subject and the required skill set can start a career in consumer services. With perseverance, one can also become successful very soon.

The Ups and Downs of The Consumer Services Business

Like any other business, consumer services have their ups and downs too. It is no bed of roses.


Well, there are a lot of upsides to consumer services. Firstly, one gets to meet and interact with a large number of people. This helps one to learn and become more experienced. One is also mentally satisfied as one gets to help a lot of people everyday. The prospect of income is huge.


Like any other business, consumer services have downsides too. They are extremely demanding and time-consuming. One needs to work very fast and work exactly how the client wants one to work. Thus, consumer services may prove to be very taxing in certain circumstances.

Major categories in consumer services

We have already learnt the answer to the question: ” Is consumer services a good career path ?”. Next, we come across the fact that consumer services can be categorised into 4 main types.

These 4 types are as follows

  • Technological support enterprises – These businesses aim at repairing or maintaining appliances or software. The prospect in this area is unlimited. With gadgets dominating our day-to-day life, one can never do away with the help from such businesses and professionals.

Though they are not nearly as important as health and hospitality or education, they are still quite essential. And their clients lie all across the spectrum.

The list of appliances, gadgets, or software that need repair or maintenance is endless. And thus, so are the opportunities.

  • Food and beverage businesses – This aims at providing food and beverage for consumers, that is, the masses. The business in this sector is booming. It includes restaurants, cafes, fast food joints and everything of the sort.
  • Retail businesses – These include departmental stores, grocery stores and such. They sell retail products to customers, that is, consumers. Retail businesses are significant in any economy.
  • Healthcare services – These include hospitals and medical shops. They also include clinics and privately practising medical professionals. They ensure that the population is free of dangerous diseases and aims to maintain the overall well-being of the masses.
  • Others – It might also include other services such as filing taxes, paying bills, or taking care of bank documents.

Some of the most popular jobs in this field

The list of jobs in consumer services is endless. Various different categories have different demands. However, certain jobs or job titles are more common or popular than others. Some of these are consultants, sales representatives, positions for testing and certifying objects, and support specialists.

Other popular jobs in consumer services include receptionist, bank teller, flight attendant, and so on.

Availability of jobs in consumer services

There is no easy way to discuss this. The number of jobs is huge. However, they are so scattered that the only safe statistic can be obtained by looking at an employment website.

The website listed 6.2 million jobs in the United States Of America. Out of these, 1.2% were in consumer services. Therefore, around 83.2 thousand jobs were in consumer services. And all these jobs were from various sections of the consumer services sector.

Apart from these, there are thousands of other consumer service jobs. These are not listed on websites or on the internet. One may also start businesses or firms on one’s own.

The average earnings in consumer services

The kinds of jobs in consumer services are highly varied. Thus, so are the earnings. A list of the average earnings is provided below, with listings of the respective titles.

  • N/A: 27,431
  • 40K+ : 55,841
  • 60K+ : 12,307
  • 80K+ : 5,521
  • 100K+ : 2,852
  • 120K+ : 1,831
  • 140K+ : 1,135
  • 160K+ : 503
  • 180K+ : 253
  • 200K+ : 68

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Certain jobs in the consumer services industry are more common than others. These jobs also lead when it comes to earnings. Thus, these are some of the best paying jobs in consumer services. Let us take a look at a list of these.

  • Market Researcher – Studies show that the average market researcher earns around $68000 a year in the States. They mainly research and present data on market trends. They are important as they help the various companies analyse their own performances. They present a detailed presentation on consumption trends by the market.
  • Concierge – Studies show that, in the United States, a personal concierge earns around $37000 every year.

Their main job is to manage the activities of various important personalities.

  • Service Designer – On average, service designers make around $77000 a year. The main aim of service designers is to develop new methods of communication with consumers.

They analyse and develop each step of a service delivery system. Their main job is to make the service more appealing or accessible to the consumers. This is considered one of the best paying jobs in consumer services.

  • Service Providers – The United States of America earn around $48,000 a year. They interact directly with the consumers. They might be repairmen or servicemen. They are essential for the smooth functioning of any business or company.
  • Service Manager – With an average salary of around $60,000 a year, they are quite important in consumer services. They are superior to the service designers and manage these businesses. They manage and organise the service providers, which are important in these consumer services.

Is consumer services a good career path?

The answer, as mentioned before, is a resounding “yes”. There are a lot of opportunities and the prospects are endless. And with the perfect skill set, one can also easily earn enough.

In consumer services, it is also quite easy to start one’s own business and reach out to people. One gets to interact with people on a daily basis and learn and become more experienced.

With the average pay being quite high, it must also be noted that the individual needs to work long hours. And that needs to happen just how the client wishes it. It is taxing work, and many sectors might have no fixed hours.

What companies are in the consumer services field?

Some major consumer services companies include Costco, Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald’s and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by consumer services?

Consumer services mean services sold to customers, such as experiences, consultations, etc.

2. Can consumer services provide a good source of earning?

Yes, major jobs in consumer services earn quite well.

3.  Are there any downsides to consumer services?

Consumer services may prove to be quite taxing. They may also be highly time-consuming and devoid of breaks.

4. What skills do you need to succeed in this industry?

To succeed in this industry, one needs to possess the skill set necessary for the respective field: clear communication skills and empathy. Individuals also need to have adaptability and good knowledge of the sector they are working in.

Final words

To wrap up, consumer services can be a great career path. The answer to the essential question, ” Is consumer services a good career path?” has already been discussed. Visit Wizard Journal for more such articles. Other important details have also been discussed for those considering the different sectors of consumer services as a potential career path.

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