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7 Creative Strategies To Grow Your Small Business

how to grow a small business

Everyone wants more engagement, more attention, and most importantly, more customers. Knowing you need to grow is one thing, and knowing how to make it happen is another. If you’re not sure how to move forward, here are seven creative strategies to grow your small business.

How to Grow a Small Business?

1. Make Your Logo An Art Piece

Your logo is the visual representation of your brand, so make it stand out.

  • Skip the business name in favor of a unique symbol.
  • Keep it simple, but artistic.
  • Aim for a logo that doesn’t look like a logo.

The goal is to create something that people want to see and promote. A logo that looks like it could be an art piece will be easy to convince people to carry around and share.

2. Focus On Subtle Promotions

Once you have your artistic logo, focus on getting it out in small but effective ways.

  • Put your logo on everyday items like reusable custom tote bags, cups, or pens and pencils.
  • Consider small promo pieces like pins and stickers. These are easy to hand out and end up everywhere.
  • Create a hashtag people can use if they choose to post these items online.

Put your logo on anything that makes sense, but that won’t be annoying. Don’t be a brand that ends up hated for over-promoting.

3. Encourage Remote Work

Your employees need to be excited about your business too. Giving them the option to work remotely can:

  • Cut down on your business expenses.
  • Lead to happier employees. Happier employees are more likely to promote your business and be more productive.
  • Let everyone know you value their safety in the current times.

Going remote is something your business needs in 2021.

4. Use Customer Content For Advertisements

Photos or videos made by your customers will stand out more than stock images. Encourage customers to make content by:

  • Holding small contests where the person whose content is chosen gets a prize.
  • Offering discounts to customers who make original content promoting your business.
  • Having people submit their entries by posting them on social media. You’ll get an additional attention boost and so will they.

People like customer-created content for the same reason they like reviews… it comes off as more honest and trustworthy.

5. Create Custom Video Content

Video sharing sites can be a gold mine for your business if you take the time to create engaging or funny videos.

  • Produce videos that are entertaining on their own and subtly introduce your product.
  • Alternatively, you can make videos that obviously advertise your product but in a way that’s funny or self-aware.

It’s a free way to draw attention to your business, so choose a style that works for you and give it a try.

6. Build Your Personal Brand

There are two ways to build an audience. The first is to get people excited about your product. The second is to get people excited about you. Let’s talk about why personal branding is important.

  • Showing an authentic version of yourself in person and online allows people to form a connection with you.
  • That connection makes them feel like they’re helping out a friend when they buy something.
  • An audience that’s invested in supporting you because they like you as a person is more likely to buy your products.

Take time to show yourself as a real person who just happens to run a business.

7. Promise And Promote Satisfaction

The final step, promise your customers they’ll be satisfied and promote that satisfaction.

  • Do everything you can to make sure your customer has a good experience.
  • Welcome their ideas on how to improve the experience.
  • Share the stories of your satisfied customers.

A satisfied customer can become the best kind of promoter for your business.

These seven creative strategies can help you grow your business without costing you a fortune.

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