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How Cloud Telephony Can Make Your Business Trips Better Than They Already Are?

by sambit
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The internet has revolutionized business travel significantly.  Today’s business executive is on the move constantly.  Therefore, they need to stay connected to all of their different devices while they are on the go.  It helps with enhancing their productivity and, as a result, growing their business.  This is where cloud telephony can help.  In this article, we will be discussing how cloud telephone can help to improve your business trips even more. 

Cloud telephony provides you with safer and easier access to essential data that you might need while you are on the go.  The only thing you need to stay connected to your various devices like desktop computers, mobiles, and smartphones with cloud telephony is an internet connection. 

These days it is essential to have a telephone connection for your professional and personal needs.  Cloud telephony is a luxury for business executives who do a lot of travelling.  It offers some of the industry’s most advanced features to guarantee outstanding voice quality all of the time.  These days, frequent flyers are struggling with ever-increasing phone bills and airfares.  That is where cloud telephones can help.  For frequent travellers, it is a true life-saver.  That is why frequent travellers should use cloud telephony. 

1. Use One Connection To Manage Multiple Numbers

Most business executives have three telephone connections at least, like their home phone, office extension, and mobile.  These connections all serve important purposes for them.  It is not a viable option to carry your home phone and office extension with you when you are flying.  When flying, you can only carry your mobile phone with you.  A cloud connection can direct all of your office and home phone incoming calls to your mobile phone. This way, you won’t miss any of your calls.  In fact, in these situations, you need to manage one phone number.  It is even possible to get calls to the same number coming from different branches.  It helps to facilitate your communication while you are on the go.     

2. Operator Rules Are Not A Concern

There are numerous rules that different network operators have that relate to using their services in various countries.  There are some that offer high-end price versions that may increase the amount of your phone bill.  There might be some network restrictions that do not allow you to use their services in certain foreign countries.  A majority of travellers find it hard to deal with these rules while they are on the go.  When you are travelling to destinations that are not familiar to you, it can be even worse.  There is one simple rule for cloud telephony- to use this service, you just need to have a softphone and internet connection.      

3. A Hole Won’t Be Burned In Your Pocket

With a traditional phone, travellers can be given a heart attack when they get their expensive phone bills due to roaming sessions.  By contrast, with cloud telephony, it doesn’t matter if you are on vacation in the Bahamas or sitting at your office desk. Furthermore, unlike traditional phones, there are no additional charges or roaming charges.  It is always free to call any extension that is on the network.  That is why you should start using cloud telephony as soon as possible.    

4. Provides You With Faxing Capabilities

It is very important for most businesses around the world to have a fax machine. However, when you are on the go, you don’t have access to a fax machine.  This can result in losses or delays in business opportunities.  That is where cloud telephone can come in handy for your company. 

There is an important feature that comes with cloud telephony called “Internet Fax.”  With this service, all of your faxes are configured so that they are sent to your email in the form of a PDF file.  These faxes can easily be accessed from your smartphone or laptop while you are on the go.   

5. Recording Facilities And Instant Reports

While you are travelling, it can be difficult to take notes when a customer or business partner is sharing important information with you.  Cloud telephone can come in very handy in this situation.  All your calls are recorded safely on the device.  It is very easy to monitor these calls.  

All of the calls made on the VoIP network may be downloaded easily in the form of a report.  It can help you analyze the performance of various employees that work for your company.  There are no geographical restrictions that come with using this feature – which means that even when you are travelling, you can use the feature.  

To conclude, all of the common features are offered by cloud telephony like call conferencing, call forwarding and call transfer.  However, not all of these features may be offered by all VoIP services.  Either way, cloud telephony is able to beat traditional phone service by a very wide margin.  Switching to cloud telephony will provide your business with numerous benefits.  However, the most important advantages of switching over to a cloud telephony system are cost-efficiency and convenience.  Over the long run, this can help your business continue to grow.

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