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Career Benefits with IV Certification

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career benefits with iv certification

ivIntravenous therapy (IV) is a process of inducing liquids, medicines, and vitamins in the body of a person through an injection or drips. All doctors, nurses, and caregivers should be familiar with the intricacies of giving IV therapy to the patients as it is a procedure that comes handily as an everyday activity at healthcare centers and hospitals.

What does an IV certification mean

The logic behind getting a certification in IV therapy is simple; in some states, there are strict rules regarding the administration of IV therapy. For any non-licensed medical assistant who wants to provide Iv treatment, it is necessary to carry out the procedure under the guidance of a licensed physician or a nurse. Moreover, a skill validation or a certification is necessary for LVN/LPN to carry out any intravenous activity in many areas depending on the state laws.

These days even registered nurses are going for a certification program in order to stay resourceful and updated in their field of expertise. Likewise, licensed physicians are partaking in the IV Certification program to independently handle sedation activities at their clinic.

Where can I get this certification?

The state board of nursing has various set rules for the minimum requirement for the practice of IV therapies. The requirement for an IV certification may be different for RNs and LPN/LVN. Likewise, the number of contact hours is different for various regions. Therefore, depending on your needs and state regulation, you can opt for an online course. You can also enroll for certification on a full-time basis or part-time provided at an institution.

Career Benefits with IV Certification

Refresher to your professional education

You might have completed your college education years ago and most of the concepts blur out with time. Getting to do a certification program under the guidance of experts exposes you to learn new skills and also revise what you already know.

Refresher to your professional education

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Career advancement and growth

With acquired expert skills, you will turn out to be a valuable employee to your organization. Certified nurses can look after specialized intravenous rooms and can work for profiles that need special care, such as evaluating and documenting intravenous activities and blood transfusion in patients. You can also broaden your horizon by meeting new staff induction and training needs of your organization. Moreover, a certification in your curriculum vitae makes you more marketable and lets you have an opportunity to bargain for better pay. Studies show that there is a hefty amount of difference between the salary of a certified professional than a non-certified one. So, for that growth opportunity backed by a better pay scale structure, an IV certification is a fair deal.

Extra credits for license renewal

In every field of expertise, it is important to continue upgrading your skills and knowledge. However, in the field of medicine, these upgrades hold special importance, not only to stay ahead with cut edge technology but also to get a license renewal. The good news is the number of hours spent on studying for a certification program will give you extra credit to bag the license and to renew it. Also, as a part of the program, any contributions you make towards program completion may account for extra earned credits, for example by reading articles from research journals and taking a questionnaire afterward will automatically reward for some contact hours by the board of nursing.

Better Opportunity For Private Practice

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Better Opportunity For Private Practice

As hospitals work on cutting down their cost of operations, every day many patients are a shift to a home care or an outpatient facility. Under such circumstances, a trained professional to look after the health and well being of the patient. An IV certificate can equip you with the qualification to administer in-home intravenous activities on such patients. Likewise, you can work in collaboration with health home facilities, travel ambulances, and choose to be a bedside caregiver. A certification program levels you up to a multifaceted care provider and opens your doors to choose alternate work areas.

Getting your own niche.

There is a wide range of IV specialization you can choose from. You can earn a specialized certification in dental sedation and work at a dental clinic by providing sedation at the time on any dental procedures. You can also choose to be a transfusion specialist and administer blood transfusion activities. You can work in the field of your choice and earn better opportunities and advancement in your niche.

Broaden your horizon and scope.

The growing trend of introducing intravenous vitamins in everyday life has led to more demand for such providers who can carry out these activities. Several health care facilities, holistic care centers, nutritionist clinics, alternative medicine practices are leading to better opportunity grounds for anyone who has earned a certification in IV therapy. So any medical practitioner who is looking to work beyond the walls of the hospital can enroll in a certification program and drive the benefit of working under diverse conditions.

An IV certification program ensures the right knowledge and equipment practice, that too, under the guidance of experts. It is of prima for any caretaker to provide safe intravenous therapy as there are potential chances of nerve damage.

The intravenous therapy that looks like an otherwise mundane task at a hospital requires a great deal of analysis and intervention. The intricacies of the procedure, such as blood compatibility, stabilization of devices, require firm knowledge ground, which can be refreshed or learned through a certification program.

As the healthcare market is expansive and ever-growing, all health care providers must stay attuned with the latest technology. One can make the best out of the situation by getting an appropriate certification.


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