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Top 7 Tools for Businesses During COVID-19 and Beyond!

by sambit
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The current times are tolling for everyone from every angle- emotionally, mentally, physically. If we keep this aside, the economy and a more granular level, businesses have been impacted immensely by the pandemic as well.

While there have been rounds of discussions and debates around the big role technology is playing in keeping us moving forward amidst COVID-19. However, most of us are not aware of the names of best tools that can help our businesses run smoothly in this hybrid work model in terms of engagement, collaboration, payroll management and much more.

So, we have compiled a list of 10 best apps for businesses for managing their businesses during COVID 19 and beyond. Take a look!

7 business tools software review

1. Whereby

Whereby is a really innovative online tool for video conferencing, meetings and screen sharing. This might seem to be same as zoom but it is different and more suited for some companies in its own ways.

How it can help?

This video calling app is specially made for technology-based companies. As they have mentioned it is made keeping in mind the requirements of consultants, recruiters too.

The best way to use and what differentiates it from other video calling tools is that for each department or project a different link can be created. These links are called rooms. No one has to log in again and again, they can meet in the same room as and when they want. The recruiters can create separate links for every candidate so that they can spot the best candidate out of all even when they cannot meet them in person.

2. Google Drive

GDrive is another absolutely free app that is best for when you are working in teams and people are dependent on each other to take the next step in their work. This is an on cloud file storage tool. Because it is on the cloud the biggest benefit is that you can access all the files here from anywhere with your google logins.

How it can help?

Businesses, especially in this time, can use it to store all there files here. For instance, marketing/ design or any other department related files can be stored in a folder that is shared with all the people in the team. Whenever a new work is done add the file to that marketing folder. This will help save time that goes in downloading and mailing it to different people who need it. Moreover, it also saves the time of the person that has to work on the same file as he needs not to wait for others’ mail.

3. HROne

HROne is an HCM suite, in simple words, an HR software that helps businesses in automating all the HR processes gives actionable data-driven insights and helps the companies in engaging their teams and keeping them happy.

How it can help?

If there is one tool that every company needs the most right now to manage their day to day operations then it is an HRMS software. HROne is all in one HR tool that helps you engage your employees and appreciate them in this situation with badges and rewards. HRs can keep them informed with announcements and save time. Employees can chat and share documents with each other. But, more than that, the best part is that this application comes with a mobile app. So, payroll management and attendance marking is not an issue at all. The geo mark attendance feature and the liberty to perform more than 90+ tasks and actions are what makes it a lot better than the other available HR software.

4. Zoom

Zoom is one of the enterprise video communications tools which is on cloud. Its main work is to provide reliable, easy video, audio and chat options or conduct webinars.

How it can help?

Either the workforce is working from home entirely or some of them are coming to offices. This has led to a gap in communication and collaboration between teams and the transparency has reduced drastically. Not just this, the situation is also taking a tool on the mental health of employees.

Zoom can help you in conducting online meetings for the purpose of collaboration on a project or for carrying a fun online event for your employees like karaoke night, quiz evening etc.

5. Jira

This is a project management tool that helps the companies in issue bug tracking and so it is of great importance for development and technical team. This helps them in working in speed with accuracy.

How it can help?

In the current situation, this app can help in tracking daily task progress, in evaluating members in the team which means high transparency for a remote workforce. It further eliminates the need for directly contacting the colleagues as it uncomplicates the communication process with notification on email for tasks’ progress!

6. Basecamp

This app is used for fostering communication amongst the people in an organisation so that they can be on the same page. The tool comes with trackers for teamwork as well.

How it can help?

All the projects can work remotely using this with ease. The tool has an automated check-in questions feature, schedules, real-time group, an option to chat privately or client access to the chats. Besides, to make it more personalised, they have personalised themes for everyone.

7. Hubspot

Hubspot has many tools to offer and some great information to share with the world. It’s marketing and sales automation tool, however, is a class apart.

How it can help?

Using this tool, the companies can boost their business with automation and guides, suggestions, courses. In an unprecedented situation like the one we are in now, the business can make use of this tool for building a mail trail, automating social posts, scheduling meetings and much more!

The times are undeniably really hard. But, what all the business needs right now is to accept the position and work in survival mode. You can always use free apps but doing a little investment will definitely help your business in improving your work situation in the current time and in the future.

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