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5 Animated Videos Your Business Needs to Succeed

5 Animated Videos your business needs to succeed

According to recent statistics, people spend up to 100 minutes online each day consuming video content. That’s over an hour every day! And with over 80% of clicks to websites coming through video, it’s now more important than ever for brands to prioritize this form of media.

Animated videos are incredibly successful with viewers of all ages. But what type of animated video should your business look to utilize in its marketing campaigns? In this post, we look at 5 animated videos your business needs to succeed, including the different types and their benefits.

Why create animation videos for your business?

Animated videos are fantastic for scrolling thumbs, as they offer an engaging and unique way of conveying boring information in an eye-catching way. They allow you to use text, animations, graphics, and voiceovers all at once to convey your brand’s message or inform customers about your product or service.

With animation, the possibilities are endless! So, what type of animation videos are key to success?

Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are bite-sized videos under 90 seconds in length. They help to explain your product or service in a quick and easy way. They can answer many of your audience’s questions about your product or service in a matter of seconds and research has shown that when you use animated explainer videos on your social media channels you can increase your conversion rate significantly.

Explainer videos are great to use on your web pages too – this can also help with your SEO and ranking on Google – bonus!

Animated Social Media Ads

Making sure that people stop and look at your product on social media is key, and one great way to do this is by creating fun and engaging animated social media ads. The costs involved with animated adverts are typically lower than traditional video methods. This is because they are cheaper to produce than live videos. An animation specialist can work to create exactly what you want with the use of a computer! The world is your Oyster.

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are video reviews of your product or service and are considered the holy grail of marketing! When your business gets a customer to talk about how your product or service has helped them, it’s much more convincing than an advert as it helps you to instill trust and confidence in your buyers.

When it comes to purchasing decisions, the numbers speak for themselves as over 80% of consumers said they trust a brand much more when a real person has recommended it. Next time you follow up with a customer, why not ask them if they’d feel comfortable recording a testimonial for you? This helps to add a human connection to your marketing and this is what resonates with consumers much more than traditional forms of advertising.

Company Story Video

If you truly want to connect with your consumers on a deeper level, it’s important for you to tell your side of the story. What is it that makes your brand tick? What’s your USP? How did you come to be the business you are today? This is what your customers want to know.

When you tell your story with animation it can help to evoke emotion in your customers. It’s also much easier to make animated videos reflect your brand as you can personalize all the content from the color scheme to the execution and include important elements like your logo, brand font, and images without any problems. You can even create animated characters to tell your story, giving your company story video a fun twist.

Company Culture Video

Company culture videos are great for showcasing your business to potential clients or hires. Like the company story video, a company culture video aims to highlight your brand, your workforce, your morals and values, passions, and goals. Company culture videos are great in allowing you to tell a compelling story of what it’s like to work at your company – which is incredibly important for new hires, customers, and clients as it allows them to understand who they will be working for/with and why they should partner up or choose you as an employer.

Using animation for your company culture video can help to set you apart from the competition and showcase your brand to be modern and fun – which is what most people want in a brand they will be working for! Research has shown that clients and potential hires are more likely to want to work with and for a company when they have visions and goals that meet their expectations.

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