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Reasons You Should Fall in Love with Air Shipping from China to USA

air shipping from china to usa

Air shipping is the preferred choice for many industries competing in today’s fast world. It is true that this method is a more expensive option than sea freight. But instead, it provides you with very modern and competitive services. The rapid rise of e-commerce has seen air cargo grow in size and importance over the past few years. Given the distance from the USA to China, the method it can shorten the distance is very attractive.

There are many reasons why American traders use air shipping to import from China. If you are aware of all the benefits that this method offers you, there is no reason to choose another method. Let’s find out why you should fall in love with air shipping.

Air shipping from China to the USA – The fastest bird

You can turn one-month sea freight from China to the USA into several days or even several hours of air shipping. Do you believe that continent-to-continent shipping often only takes a few hours? As a result, it has become a very good option for perishable and time-sensitive goods.

Minor delays

Shipping always makes importers hesitant to use it due to its long delays. But here you are relieved of any worries about unexpected delays. In this method, even if the flight is canceled, there is an average of one flight per hour to carry your cargo. As a result, it does not affect your costs and time. In addition, a set delivery date can always be trusted. Because flights often run according to a set schedule.

Low premium

Due to the short shipping time and high security, you pay fewer premiums. As a result, you can save money.

High security

In air shipping from China to the USA, the risk of theft and damage to the goods is almost zero. Because airports are very strict in controlling transportation safety. Also, using advanced technologies in air cargo logistics, you can easily track your goods at any time and be aware of their status. But in other methods, you are informed of the condition of the goods when they pass through a port or station.

Low storage cost

About 25% of shipping costs from China to the USA are related to warehousing. But in air shipping, due to the high speed of clearance of goods and the lack of paperwork and inspection, you do not need to keep the goods in storage. As a result, you can save money.

Light packaging

In air transport, you do not need heavy packaging due to the possibility of low damage and the impact of weight on shipping costs. In the process of air transportation, your goods pass fewer hands. As a result, your packaging should be durable and light. In this case, you will spend less time and money on this section. For example, As per EU standards, all cargo shipped by air must either be delivered through a secure supply chain or screened at airports.

Air shipping from China to the USA – Easy access

The air cargo industry allows you to transport your goods to any inaccessible place in the US. Places that ships and even land shipping do not have access to.

Air cargo services from China to the USA

The main reason for the boom in air shipping from China to the USA is the unique services it offers. The industry has several flights with different prices and schedules. You need to choose the most suitable one based on the type and features of your goods.

Next flight out

Your goods will be shipped as soon as the flight is available. This option is the fastest and most expensive way to ship cargo.

Consolidated shipping

In this option, your load will be shipped with other loads. This flight has a specific schedule and is also cheaper than the next flight out.


The flight has several stops along the way to its final destination. As a result, the shipping time is longer and cheaper than other methods.


It is the fastest and most expensive method. Your goods are transported by a direct and convenient flight. This method is very suitable for packages and samples.

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