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Why is self-paced learning becoming a preferred choice for many?

Why is self-paced learning becoming a preferred choice for many?

Since the pandemic there has been a major change in the way people want to educate themselves. The preference for self-paced learning is increasing day by day, thanks to the convenience it brings with it. Although, there is a lot that self-paced learning can bring to the table. In this article, we shall take a look at some reasons why self-paced learning is increasingly becoming popular.

What is self-paced learning?

 Self-paced learning is about acknowledging the fact that every individual has their own set of issues and duties and ways of studying. It allows learners to study at a time and at a speed that is comfortable for them. Self-paced learning is only possible now because the development of eLearning tools like Learning Management Systems are facilitating self-paced learning.

Why do people prefer self-paced learning?


Isn’t studying or training at home after you have completed your regular household duties feel like a convenient time to study? The convenience of self-paced learning is one of the major contributors to its increasing popularity. You know some people are night owls while some are early birds. Night owls would prefer studying at home, while early birds prefer the morning. There are certainly more such types and styles of studying. For instance, someone who finds it easy to study in the evening and only at Starbucks. Considering the different studying habits of people, self-paced learning allows you to study any time you want and anywhere you are.

Repeat or fast forward based on your knowledge

How many times has it happened to you that you are in the middle of a lecture, you are supposed to concentrate but you are consumed in your own thoughts instead? You miss some parts and now you know only half of what is taught. Asking your professor to repeat can be embarrassing and the professors may or may not do it for you. With an LMS or any other eLearning technology, you can repeat the same content as many times as you need. Similarly, you can clear the test or submit assignments of modules that you are already familiar with and fast-forward your learning process.

Studying doesn’t feel like a burden

Most self-paced learning programs use micro-learning for their course design. Micro-learning is the usage of bite-sized content in the eLearning course. Consuming short pieces of content is easy to digest as compared to long 1 hour lectures. Moreover, such courses have assessments after every topic or module to ensure that the online learners remember what they learned. A good score on such tests gives learners the confidence that they are learning something and they are understanding it as well.

In the case of employees, who are already snowed by their responsibilities at work and at home, therefore self-paced learning helps them lower the stress of an additional training course.

Better retention and cognition

A study, done on the effectiveness of self-paced learning reports that self-paced learning improves memory performance. When people learn in a controlled environment, they tend to lose interest and get distracted. Learning comfortably whenever you are ready to learn something can help your brain retain and comprehend information better. Learning on your own at your own time also imparts a sense of ownership. People own the responsibility of completing their course.


Self-paced learning is the type of learning that lets learners decide when and how long they want to learn. It is becoming increasingly popular due to technological advancements like Learning Management systems. Self-paced learning is convenient, it doesn’t feel like a burden. Moreover, it results in better retention and understanding. It also allows you to repeat lectures or move ahead in the course.

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