Home Blog Why is it Crucial to Hire a Denver Bike Accident Attorney? 

Why is it Crucial to Hire a Denver Bike Accident Attorney? 

Why is it Crucial to Hire a Denver Bike Accident Attorney? 

In the wee hours of early March morning, a motorcyclist passed away after a crash occurred near Sheridan Boulevard. According to preliminary reports from the Denver Police Department, several vehicles were involved in the crash. The associated Denver bike accident lawyer of the deceased was present to take care of the legal matters as per Denver’s police officials present at the accident site. From what has been known, the deceased will get the required compensation as per Colorado Driving Laws.

For the unversed, in 2022, bike accident cases in Colorado reached a massive number, with the death of 147 individuals (compared to last year, 137 individuals in 2021). With a 20% fatality rate, careless driving and speeding are the two primary reasons that cause high death rates.

What if you are in such a situation? What are the immediate laws for protection? When you seek the assistance of your Denver bike accident lawyer, what are the queries they will have? How will you receive the compensation? This write-up will give you clarity about the same.

Proceeding Therefore –

What laws are Associated with Bike Accidents in Colorado?

If you are not well updated with the bike laws of Colorado, it is time you know –

  • For all the riders and passengers, eye protection (for example, a visor on a helmet) is a must.
  • For a motorcycle carrying a passenger, a footrest is mandatory.
  • Lane splitting is illegal. Motorcyclists can share a lane with another motorcyclist but do not have the right to pass or overtake another vehicle type).

Surely, there are other associated laws as well, about which you must stay updated.

Do you Require an Attorney?

You surely do, since if you sustain any injury, you have close to two years before filing a lawsuit. However, if any government agency or employee is involved, the due notification process has to begin within 180 days of the accident. In that case, you will require a Denver bike accident attorney to take over this case and follow it up as per the court norms.

When an attorney takes over the case, the chances of receiving fair compensation and negotiating the process with insurance companies become easier. You will require a legal professional when dealing with the strategies placed forth by the insurance companies and in handling paperwork.

Let’s evaluate some other reasons why you may require a legal professional –

1. Offer Critical Legal Advice –

When you are in a motorcycle collision and you have registered a claim, you will require a bike accident legal representative who will offer crucial legal insights into the further complexities of the case.

Also, you will have numerous pieces of paperwork to submit and produce during the case, and a professional attorney will guide you in obtaining the correct papers, medical documents, and pieces of evidence associated with the accident scene.

2. Evaluate your Case and Present it in Court –

When you file a case, and it reaches the concerned court, you will require a certified Denver bike accident lawyer to handle this case. With his considerable legal expertise, he will be able to represent you in court, determine and present the demands of the monetary compensation you must get, and also (if you are the primary offender) ask for leniency in the sentence.

3. Regulate the Insurance Claims –

The area where you will require maximum assistance is – regulating the insurance claim. They will strategize your case and negotiate the amount accordingly.

What questions will the attorney ask?

When your Denver bike accident law practitioner arrives on the scene, the professional will have certain queries about you. Here are some of the queries that they may have –

Query 1: How safe were you while riding?

As per the Colorado Motor Laws, riders and passengers below 18 must wear a helmet for those above 18 (it is strongly recommended).

Query 2: Are there any witnesses to testify that the accident was caused by the other driver?

According to noted protocols, the first accused has to cough up a fine.

Query 3: What was the weather condition during the accident?

According to the laws, weather condition has a critical role to play during the accident. In case it was tumultuous weather, the case will be judged taking that into account.

Query 4: Did the police arrive on the spot, and what was mentioned in the police reports?

It is based on the answers to these queries that the attorney will further your case and take it to court. Depending on your claims and the prevailing conditions at play, the court will compensate you (in both economic and non-economic terms).

How to Receive Compensation?

When one is riding a motorcycle, the person is way more exposed and, therefore could land in a crash that could be comparatively fatal vis-a-vis a car driver. The chances of having external gash to deep internal injuries bordering on death are much higher. Therefore – when dealing with the burden of being seriously injured, patient care and prescriptions can drive your medical bills through the roof.

Hence, if the court case proceeds – your attorney on your behalf can demand both economic (medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, and damage to the vehicle) and non-economic (emotional and psychological distress, PTSD therapies) compensation.

Even if you were to be blamed partially for the accident, you might receive comparative negligence compensation wherein – the court reduces the compensation by a fair amount that is equated with how much you were responsible for the accident (legally called compensation associated with the percentage of fault).

Though there are certain previous monetary compensation amounts for paradigm presentation, it is ultimately for the courts to decide the exact amount that changes from case to case.

On a Parting Note

To drive safely and follow the Colorado Motor Laws are pieces of advice you will get from every other corner when you are on Colorado roads. Having said that – do stay updated on the tips provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the updated motorcycle safety laws in Denver-Colorado, and if you do not have one (then a specialized Denver motorcycle accident attorney).

Connect with a notable attorney, check their case-solving and compensation record, and definitely their availability when it comes to responding to your requirements. Choose carefully.

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