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What to Do If you have been Falsely Charged with Sexual Assault

sexual assault

You may have falsely been accused of sexual assault. Everything to do beat the charge is discussed below.

Find The Best Lawyer

Whenever you’re charged with a criminal offence, you’re advised to look for the best lawyer. A sexual assault charge is no joke. Your whole life could be ruined if you’re found guilty. You’re advised to look around for the best lawyer. Hopefully, there are many great criminal defence lawyers where you live.

From the assortment of attorneys around, make sure the one you’re hiring specializes in sexual assault cases. This would lead to you most likely winning.

Do Your Research

You should do as much research on your charge as possible. Although your attorney would tell you useful information, he wouldn’t tell you everything you need to know. If you’re wondering what is considered a criminal charge in Canada?, you need to research it. This way, you know everything you should be doing to win your case.

Get a Peace Bond

The best lawyer would tell you if denying the charge would be useless. He might advise you to agree that you did it, but he would create a defence that would get you the best sentence.

Also, he may go in for a peace bond. You’ve probably heard of a peace bond before but have no idea what it is. One of the peace bonds facts is that when you pay a bond to the court, your charges would be dropped. However, you would have to be on good behaviour for a set period of time. This means that you can’t get into any more legal trouble. If you do, you would have to come back to court.

Collect Evidence ASAP

It’s important that you start planning your defence the moment you are charged with sexual assault. If the other party is falsely accusing you, they may have planned and collected evidence. The sooner you plan your defence, the quicker you would be able to obtain evidence and witnesses. Also, you would be able to recall the details about what happened before.

While on the topic of collecting witnesses, compile a list of as many people you think were around as possible. It’s okay if you don’t think they directly saw what took place. Even if they were in the surrounding area, this is enough.

Don’t Talk to Anyone

You should not talk to third parties while your case is still going on. You may be saying something incriminating to someone. Unfortunately, they could inform the court about what you mentioned.

Moreover, staying away from as few people as possible would limit your chances of getting arrested again.

Always Show Up

You should always show up to trial on your given dates. Remember to not be late as well.

Considering everything discussed, what do you think? There are quite a few things to do when charged with sexual assault. Probably the most important would be to find an experienced attorney. He should have won many of his cases.

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