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What Constitutes an Effective Meme?

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What is a meme? It is that content that will make your content shareable and viral on various social media platforms. It is just an image or a video that has an enticing tagline that serves as an “online commentary”. Aside from the above, you can also share the meme with your friends and peers.

Few important elements will help you to make the much-needed perfect meme. So, look at what these important aspects are in the first place.

1. Being witty helps in creating memes

When you frame a meme, at the first impression it will appear funny and silly. However, it will have an underlined meaning that reflects a deeper connotation. This connotation can be tied to many spheres like politics, communication, and the genre can be much more.

Remember, that the meme you create will be funny and convey a witty message, which must be far from being serious. Share it on as many social media platforms as possible so that it gains visibility.

2. Opt for Memejacking

When you write a meme, for extensive ideas and examples, you can always refer to Meme Scout. Now coming back to memejacking, what is it? If there is a trend of memes that are ruling the scenario for instance, if there has been a major event related to politics, entertainment or sports, or just about any genre under the sun, and it is doing rounds on the social media platforms, do not write a meme related to them. This is because you will find many related memes to these major events. So, to make your meme stand out from the rest, puck up your topic that your viewers will find fresh.

3. Write a meme reflecting the nature of your business

As per a study conducted by Facebook, writing memes that are related to your business and brand will work best for your brand image. This is because there is a direct correlation between your business model and the meme you create. Your target audience will be able to relate to your meme better. It is still better if your brand already enjoys adequate visibility.

4. Learn from the experts

Take ideas from the market leaders. Find out what resonates with the target audience these days and you can formulate one of the better memes for your client base. Check out the different popular social media platforms that put up memes at regular intervals. There are different genres on which memes are written and find out which ones are being unanimously liked by all.

5. Identify the likings of your target audience

Make memes for them. This is because you know that they are the best people that will relate to what you want to convey or what message you are trying to send across to the people.

So, once you are aware of what your audience is looking for, it becomes easier for you to select the topic that will entice your consumers or target audience.

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