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Understanding Engagement of Employees Through the Right Benchmarks

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Understanding the needs of employees is increasingly important. With knowledge workers standing at the center of your organization, you cannot do without them. If people do not feel engaged at work, they become less productive and are dissatisfied with what they do. The chances are high that they will leave the company and take the knowledge with them. For companies nowadays, a knowledge drain is one of the hardest things that can happen. How can we make sure that employees do feel valued and engaged? Let’s dive into that topic!

Benchmarking against industry peers

You can have a solid employee engagement initiative, but how does it relate to that of competitors? How do they take care of their employees? If the competition is high, you can imagine that the engagement is also heavily invested in. To discover this, you can make use of an employee engagement index. There are multiple indexes you can leverage, often categorized per industry. This allows you to understand how well you are doing. Additionally, it helps you to understand how you can make your initiative better. The employee engagement index also provides insights into what these organizations do, so you can learn from their mistakes and strengths.

Learn by doing

With the right tooling, it becomes possible to learn from the steps you make. These tools offer you means (e.g. surveys, dashboards) that provide insights into how your employees feel. In turn, you can set actions and see how they affect the way employees feel. This helps you to understand what works, and what does not. This makes the use of employee engagement tooling very valuable for organizations. It does not only provides the means but also experience that flow from all different organizations and industries.

Types of tooling available

In the domain of employee engagement, there are many players active that provide consulting services and tooling solutions. To understand the needs of your organization, it is important to understand the challenges of your organization. To discover this, you can work with a special survey tool, often combined with dashboards and reporting, to find out the current state. From there, you can determine where you want to work towards. These tools also provide learnings from other organizations and benchmark your results against those of peers. This allows you to see where you stand and what to improve.

Tools and knowledge availability

Interested to learn more about the tooling availability? One of the leaders in the industry is Effectory.com. They provide tooling on their website and have a large database of information and news that you can use to enhance your initiative. With increased competition in markets, investing in the engagement of employees is the logical thing to do. Happier employees not only mean increased productivity, but also a better work environment in general.

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