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What Type of Salary Can You Expect in The Engineering Field?

by sambit

Choosing which career path to follow is a key choice in anyone’s life. With so many potential careers out there, it is wise to take your time and select the one you will enjoy. Of course, it is also worth choosing one that is sought after by employers and comes with a good salary! Engineering is one such field that is not only interesting and in-demand but also comes with attractive salaries.

The type of salary you can expect naturally depends on the specific role you move into and the individual company you work for. Location can also play its part as you might get a different level of pay in one part of the country, compared to another. While it is hard to give one generic average figure for salaries in engineering, it is possible to look at roles within it to gauge the sort of pay you might receive.

Self-drive car engineer

As the need for electric vehicle manufacturing, autonomous vehicle production, and advanced mobility grow, so too does the need for qualified engineers to make it happen. A good example of a role in this area is a self-drive car engineer. This role can attract salaries around the $295,000 mark and illustrates how well-paid working in engineering can be. Of course, you need the right qualifications and experience first.

An online Master’s Electrical Engineering degree at Kettering University is the ideal course to study to get the skills needed for this role. This course is the first of its kind and has been developed specifically by Kettering to deliver the technical skills needed to aid autonomous vehicle production.

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineers look after a company’s tech infrastructure to keep it moving forward. This can include things like pinpointing what makes good internet upload and download speeds, before maintaining IT hardware to achieve them. Working in this field requires strong communication skills and a knack for explaining technical issues in a clear way to non-technical colleagues. It is a senior position and comes with an average salary of around $103,800.

Environmental Engineer

With climate change being a hot topic globally, environmental engineers are in demand. This role needs engineers to use their communication skills plus knowledge of earth sciences and problem-solving to reduce the impact a business has on the planet. With an average salary of around $86,800, it is a great career for any engineer who cares about the environment and does not want to work behind a desk all day.

Salaries in engineering are attractive on the whole

The above engineering careers give a flavor of not only what you can do in this field but also what type of salary you can expect. The truth is that most jobs in engineering are pretty well paid although some will pay more than others, depending on how senior it is. The attractive salaries engineering offers reflect how in-demand engineers are, the skill gap that still exists in the sector, and the studying needed to follow this career path.

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