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Too Busy For Fitness? Here’s How To Make It Work

by sambit

When you’re working long hours, it can be difficult to find time for a workout. Sure, many gyms are open 24/7, especially chains in large cities, but that means compromising on much-needed sleep or ignoring your email – a real challenge for entrepreneurs and other go-getters.

Still despite the challenges, the reality is that fitness and productivity are closely intertwined, so you can’t ignore the importance of movement to your daily routine.

Keep It Simple

We’ve all heard the suggestions that emphasize building movement into your day by taking the stairs or going for a walk on your lunch break, and while these activities might not fulfil your desire for a hard workout, they do add up and will benefit you. No, it’s not weight training or going for a run, but if your choice on any given day is between going for a quick walk or not moving at all, it’s better to get up and take a movement break.

Try A Digital Program

Even if you live near a gym that’s open all night long, that may not seem like a practical choice – but what if you could get a similarly targeted workout at home, complete with support from a personal trainer? Not only is this possible, but it’s never been easier. By working with an online personal training program to identify your goals, choose appropriate activities, and get valuable support and guidance, you can upgrade the quality of your workout without leaving your house.

Consider Your Commute

How do you get to work? If you drive or take public transit, would it be possible for you to walk or bike to work instead? Most people can bike a fairly long distance on flat roads and cities are rapidly becoming more bikeable; even if your workplace is too far away, there’s a good chance you could perform more of your regular errands, like grabbing groceries or picking up a prescription, on foot or by bike.

Make It Fun

Fitness can absolutely be fun, but a lot of people work out simply because they know it’s important. That’s as good of a reason as any, but it’s also not going to be very motivating. Given that boring workouts can be a barrier to success, look for something that’s a combination of quick and fun. You might like taking a Zumba class, which combines cardio and dance or enjoy getting in a daily swim rather than trying to convince yourself to go for a run in the morning before work.

Upgrade Your Equipment

If you absolutely can’t fathom getting away from your desk long enough to get a decent workout in, one thing you might consider is buying a treadmill desk or other piece of desk exercise equipment. Though you likely won’t get as many cognitive and emotional benefits from this approach, at least you’ll be exercising and this could be a gateway to more intensive activity as you begin to feel more energized and excited by working out.

Everyone is busy, but if we let work get in the way of exercise, then we’re ultimately saying that we don’t consider our own needs and wellness to be a priority. You deserve time to take care of yourself, and that time should be enjoyable, invigorating, and contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing.


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