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6 Things to Consider When Renovating a Basement

by sambit

Thinking of renovating your basement? You could transform an incomplete basement into anything you want. When renovating the space, you’ll have to do several things. We’ve discussed what they are below. Keep reading.

Humidity Test

Check how humid your basement is. If there’s a lot of moisture in the air, mould would grow. Moreover, the furniture you place in the space would become damp.

Thankfully, it’s easy to tell if a room is humid or not – you would be able to feel how wet the air is. If you want a more objective way to find out how much moisture is in your basement, you can purchase a special humidity machine. It would give you a reading of how much water is in the air.


You won’t be able to do the renovations yourself. You need to hire professionals. There are several contracting teams that can help, so finding the best team won’t be hard.

You shouldn’t skimp when hiring the contractors, as paying less would result in you getting poor quality work done. Penguin Basements in Mississauga are experts at their jobs. They’re known to keep customers satisfied.

Another reason Penguin is great is that they’ve been around for a while. They are currently celebrating 10 years of finished basements.

Research Local Codes

What type of renovations are you planning on doing? Sadly, you may not be able to get them done. Check your local municipal council’s codes. You would know which projects are possible and which are not.

The council’s website should have a list of all the codes and requirements you would have to follow. Failure to comply to them could lead to legal issues.

Also, it might take a lot of time to get the permit to do the renovation you want. Be prepared.


Basements are usually the coldest part of a home. If you’re going to turn your basement into a bedroom, it would be hard to sleep at night as it would be so cold. Instead of increasing your thermostat, a better idea would be to improve the insulation in the space. There are several ways you could do this. As you can imagine, some of these means would be more affordable than others.

Wiring and Plumbing

Figure out where you would be placing the electrical outlets, and then have an electrician do the wiring. Make sure the plumbing in the space is working as well.


Whatever type of room you’re planning on transforming your basement too, you would still have to paint its walls. As the space might be humid, the existing coats of paint could be peeling off.

The colour of paint you choose is up to you. You might want to go fo3r a more neutral colour if you want to achieve a chicer look.

When it comes to renovating basements, there are several things to consider. Make sure you check how humid the space is, as well as if there is any mould.

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