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The Beauty of Lion Jewelry for Men and Women

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Lion Jewelry

The magnetism of the royal beast is so irresistible that skillfully crafted lion jewelry attracts the eyes of every passer-by. Proud and confident in its own superiority, a lion personifies many qualities appealing to men – fortitude, authority, energy, stamina, courage, etc. Along with that, the graceful beauty of the savannah ruler wins over ladies. The meaning for lion (or lioness) jewelry for women is a little bit different though.

What We Know from History

Lion body ornaments have their roots in the distant past. Several millennia ago, lion’s head amulets adorned fearless hunters, warriors, and tribal leaders. Their owners sought to obtain the qualities inherent in a predator, mainly endurance, speed, and strength. Many world religions utilized lion images to symbolize justice and courage. In Greek mythology, the chariots of Juno and Cybel were pulled by lions.

In Buddhism, a lion is noble and audacious. It brings good luck and happiness. The mighty feline protects the law, progress, spiritual zeal, and the wisdom of Buddha. A lion symbolizes an enlightened person who does not obey any authorities, he is his own king.

In early Christianity, Jesus was called The King of Kings and was often depicted as a lion. This animal is mentioned several times in the Bible and is depicted next to the apostle-evangelist Mark. In Islam, a lion is known as a fearless protector. According to Jewish traditions, a lion is a symbol of cruelty and power. A winged lion denotes the Leo of Judea and combines two elements – earth and air.

In China, the king of the jungle stands for courage and strong energy. Alchemists associated red lions with the masculine principle. In many African cultures and mythologies, a lion is shown as both a creator and a destroyer. It is a symbol of perseverance, pride, justice, ferocity, and authority. A roaring lion is a warning of possible danger, aggression, and ferocity.

Lion Jewelry for Men

No matter how much you want to gain courage and energy from a lion, you shouldn’t wear a large ring or pendant if your will is weak. Chances are that the beast will simply repress you. If you want to be just like a lion but you are currently not, you should start with a small piece. As your confidence grows, you can continue with large and more impressive items. If Leo is your Zodiac Sign, you shouldn’t worry that a lion might be stronger than you thought. The beast will consider you to be a member of his pack and will try to enhance your generosity, courage, sincerity, and justice.

A lion is a perfect companion for strong, confident, and righteous guys. They should, however, choose lion jewelry responsibly since its meaning depends on how a mighty beast is depicted:

– a realistic, carefully detailed image speak of about fortitude, virility, and wisdom;

– a resting animal symbolizes confidence your actions, poise, and the ability to solve any problem peacefully;

– grinning beast about to attack speaks about your ability to stick up for yourself or your loved ones. It can also denote the desire to avoid interaction with unpleasant people as well as the willingness to choose your own path;

– a lion depicted with a crown symbolizes the thirst for power, leadership, and respect. If a lion is portrayed in dark colors while his crown is golden, an owner of such a piece of jewelry achieves his goals with a grace worthy of kings.

The Meaning of Lion and Lioness Jewelry For Women

In women’s jewelry, the elegance of the animal and its readiness to protect its family comes to the fore. More often than not, ladies prefer seeing the images of lionesses in their rings, bracelets, and pendants. A lioness personifies tenderness, motherhood, and devotion. If they do pick a male for their bling, they tend to go with lion heads. Whether it is a lion or lioness, a particular meaning is affected by the way the animal is depicted

lion head rings represent a desire to develop the exact same qualities inherent in a predator – audacity, prudence, wisdom, the ability to defend one’s point of view, etc;

– lion earrings is an attempt to display playfulness, seduction, and a sense of humor;

– a lion necklace indicates vulnerability, kindness, tenderness, and sentimentality;

– a lion depicted with another, weaker animals shows that its wearer strives for harmony, peace, and mutual understanding;

– a grinning predator is a rare but possible option. It denotes rebelliousness, longing for leadership, and strong character;

– a lion pendant attached to a long necklace is a sort of a protector;

– lion cub jewelry is a choice of a girl who dreams of having children. She puts family values above all.

Don’t be afraid to make a lion your talisman and patron saint. If you treat it with the respect it deserves, it will hone your personality to a razor’s edge.

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