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Should I Propose Before or After Dinner? [May 2023]

should i propose before or after dinner

When To Propose to Someone on a Dinner Date – Tips to do it Right

There are countless beautiful ways to make the day you propose for an engagement or marriage memorable. Chances are you already have a set picture and format in your mind and have figured out all the ‘when?’, ‘where?’ and ‘how?’ surrounding the plan. The event in itself is celebratory and special without needing to do much. Nevertheless, there is a common confusion among folks on whether to put a ring on your partner’s finger before or after dinner.

You will want to ensure that everything surrounding your engagement day and the act of proposal is spotless and remarkable because it is bound to stick with you for the rest of your life. So, here in this article, not only will we answer the question – “Should I propose before or after dinner?” but we’ll also bring you some pros and cons and also a few tips on how to do it right.

Should I propose before or after dinner?

There is no direct or right or wrong answer to this question. Nevertheless, it is imperative to get the timing right. The timing may vary depending on your partner’s taste and ability to handle possible anxiety. Either way, if you have decided to take the knee, it better be at the best possible time and moment.

It is a fact that a person is bound to be more nervous before a proposal than after. So, quite evidently, it can be challenging to sit through an entire dinner being anxious about your next move and the consequences it might bring. Considering this fact, it is generally advisable to muster the courage and shoot your shot before dinner. That way, you even get to use the dinner as a celebration.

The timing is taken care of; you would still want to assess your options because no one knows your partner better than you. So here are the pros and cons of proposing before and after dinner.

Proposal Before Dinner

If you want to get done and dusted with the big moment so that you can have the rest of the dinner with a calm and undistracted mind, then proposing before dinner is the right choice for you. But it is never all sunshine and rainbows for anything. You must know both the pros and cons related to doing so.


You get to use the rest of the dinner as the mean of celebration. Let’s say you mustered the courage to propose to your partner and expressed your intentions following that moment, and everything goes just as you wanted it to be, and she says yes! Voila! You can pop the champagne, treat yourselves to a lavish red wine bottle and a luxurious dinner to celebrate the big moment. Sitting through dinner becomes a lot easier. It can be a great way to make the day memorable. Even more, if the restaurant where you plan to do this holds a unique sentimental place in your heart. You can also customize specific setups (like the restaurant’s music, the table, etc.) and collaborate with your friends and family to be present for the celebration to accentuate your proposal for the good.


Compromising for a lesser intimate touch. Using dinner as a means of celebration can be delicate and pleasing. Still, on the other hand, you might lack the needed intimacy, which can make the day memorable in a separate way. Suppose your partner is not exactly the kind in favour of public displays of affection; in that case, you would want to have the moment to just yourselves. It would be better to wait until you are done with your meal, after which you can go to a place and have the moment to yourself rather than having to share it with and indulge in a restaurant full of people.

Not to mention that, once it is over and done, chances are you will be so excited and riled up that you will barely be able to enjoy the food you are paying for.

And, if all that is not enough, it is a bit of a risky manoeuvre. If the worst happens and your partner turns you down, the entire ambience will become a daunting experience to sit through and can become pretty awkward even before you get the time to gather yourself.

Proposal After Dinner

You can wait until you have finished your dinner and get the total concentration focused on the moment. Either way, there are a few pros and cons here as well.


You get to enjoy the meal you will be paying for without interruptions. You can do away with all the unnecessary attention that your partner might not want and have your meal before you pop out the question for the big moment.

The most significant advantage of this hold-up is the touch of intimacy you can cherish. You can leave the restaurant and have a moment just to yourselves and enjoy the quiet when the emotions are flowing. You can be alone or plan something of your own, like a small party. Either way, it leaves you with more options at your disposal with the added hint of privacy.

Plus, to top it all off, it is a much safer way in case things go south and you get turned down. You save yourself the embarrassment and awkwardness that might come with the rejection. Just pay the bill and proceed with a swift exit.


Hiding the nervousness throughout dinner can be a challenge. You will have to sit in anticipation of the response, worrying if it will go in your favour or not.

Also, it might mean you have to settle for not having the dessert. Unless you have something planned for what you want to do next, the entire evening can end abruptly, which is not desirable.


Now that you have all the nitty-gritty surrounding the topic choose wisely. Fill in the restaurant if required beforehand. Make all the necessary arrangements. Look your best. Not to mention, avoid putting your ring in the food unless you want your special evening to end in an ER. Make arrangements to get some photos clicked. And last but not least, it is wise to be emotionally prepared for whatever the outcome of your proposal may be.

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