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New Player in the Micronutrient Space is Changing the Game with Custom Cellular Nutrition

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Any lover of health and wellness can see that the market is currently saturated with a myriad of products ranging from hair growth to detoxifying solutions. Despite this wealth of options, consumers still struggle to find products that can drive their bodies towards optimal health. Most multivitamins in grocery and drug stores don’t cater to anybody because they try to cater to everyone. People generally don’t need most of what is in your generic multivitamin formulation, and the nutrients you do need may not be in there.

Personalized multivitamin subscriptions, especially from a brand with high transparency as well as in-house nutritionists, physicians, and pharmacists, may be safer and more successful than the conventional alternatives. The solution to this demand for personalized micronutrients rests in a convergence of health and technology and customization.

A new company called Rootine is here to help wellness enthusiasts achieve their goals of health and well-being. They aim to fill in the gap in the industry caused by a lack of data-driven precision nutrition. Rootine uses lifestyle habits, blood and DNA data to develop a completely personalized micronutrient pack that provides a precisely dosed combination of vitamins, minerals and speciality compounds that is delivered through microbead technology.

Co-founder and CEO Rachel Soper Sanders established Rootine when she was searching for methods that could boost her day-to-day performance after years of battling stress and fatigue. As an ex-investment bank and recent graduate from Harvard Business School. Sanders was working on founding her company when she first met Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, Ph.D., who was also experiencing roadblocks on his journey to optimal health.

During an interview with Dr. Brittany R. Allman, Sanders expressed that she had noticed a glaring lack of comprehensive data-driven micronutrient options for her unique needs on the market. This observation led her to establish Rootine alongside Wallerstorfer. She said, “Consumers don’t have the tools to efficiently use the data they have to make better decisions throughout their life and in their nutrition. Daniel and I were really inspired to make an impact and driven by a mission to really empower people to leverage their health data to improve how they look, feel and perform every day.”

Rootine continuously studies the relationship between nutrition and genetics to keep them at the forefront of nutrigenetics research. Applying information they gather, they ensure that consumers get the maximum benefits from their daily intakes. “Rootine is built on over 400 and clinical to determine the right amounts of the exact nutrients your body needs studies related to how nutrition and genetics play together. Genes influence how your body absorbs, processes, and utilizes nutrients.” Sanders explains on her The Momentous Podcast feature. “Our cells are kind of the cornerstone of our health, and our DNA tells our cells how to function.”

To determine the right amounts of the exact nutrients your body needs, Rootine uses the data from a 19-question lifestyle analysis along with blood nutrient levels and genetic data. According to her Levels interview, with Rootine Sanders was able to pinpoint a cellular dysfunction that had increased her body’s demand for antioxidants.

Rootine’s test-take-track method sets it apart from other brands because members may not only obtain a tailored product based on their health data but also follow their progress on a digital dashboard with numerous tools and research to create a high-end, accessible health experience. Their website claims that “Tracking is the only way to ensure that your formula is working and optimized for your body. Without tracking, even great personalization is mostly guesswork.”

Rootine employs third-party testing, and the laboratory is ISO 9001, 15189, 2200, and 22617 certified, and it abides by FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The cGMP guidelines for pharmaceuticals and related compounds provide minimum standards for the techniques, facilities, and controls used in producing, processing, and packaging of a product. The rules ensure that a product is safe and contains the ingredients and potency it promises.

Sanders told Momentous that the company understands that the market is getting smarter and consumers are more empowered, data-driven, and are aware that testing, form factor and following guidelines are important. She expressed that Rootine shares similar values and believes that customers deserve that quality of service.

When Matt Wan, Founder and CEO of Momentous, asked her prediction for the company’s achievements within the coming two years, Sanders responded that “Rootine is really excited about building a precision nutrition platform with a variety of solutions. What that means to us is utilizing new data points, providing products based on data, and helping members track where they are over time. We are continuing to invest in a digital experience and tying the data collection into a comprehensive, tailored solution.”

The startup is currently setting up its remote-first team with headquarters in Nashville, TN. Rootine has members in the thousands, including professional athletes like Brian Burns and celebrities like Steve Aoki. To find out more, visit Rootine.

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