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The New Appeal of Men’s jewelry, And Why Is It Gaining Momentum

by sambit
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History is a testament to the use of jewelry by many influential men throughout the ages. From the Maharajas of India to the royal families of Europe, everybody liked jewelry. Back then, lavish jewelry on male rulers was not only expected but necessary.

Throughout history, there have been times when men have dripped gold and jewels as much as women. In the famous portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein, he’s decked out in gold, pearls, and gemstones. A 16th-Century portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh and the nobleman and writer shows him in heavily ornate clothing with pearls dangling from his ear and cloak.

Search for erstwhile images of monarchs of Europe and Maharajas of India, and you wonder how they moved under the weight of their finery. These are looks you don’t see on men in the 21st-Century.

However, the trend died naturally, with the gradual abolition of monarchies and the emergence of gender-specific conventions that relegated socially sanctioned jewelry for men to wedding bands and cufflinks.

The New Appeal of Men’s Jewelry

Cut to the 21st century; men are once again donning bracelets, brooches, rings, necklaces, especially men’s gold chains that are more expressive and innovative, perhaps reflecting the more contemporary tenets of today’s informed consumer.

Why are more men adorning themselves with jewelry pieces and even an occasional pair of earrings nowadays?

Jewelers attributed this to various developments in modern society, including gender-neutral ideologies, the advent of social media, and young buyers’ growing influence on how products and services are advertised and bought. In turn, as far as the culture of men accessorizing is concerned, the market has become more receptive.

What is the meaning of jewelry for some men?

Jewelry represents values that marketers traditionally say men don’t respond to – it’s not efficient or functional, it doesn’t eliminate a negative issue or solve a problem. And well, it’s not feminine per se, but it’s perceived as such – but that’s not the case for all men.

Men’s jewelry has not reached its potential, and it may never reach the scale of the women’s sector, yet you shouldn’t ignore it. For more conservative men out there, purchasing fashion jewelry is usually out of the question. Still, these consumers may be tempted by the luxury of a gold chain like Cuban Chain or Gold Rope Chain or simply a beautiful wedding ring, even if they rarely wear it.

Sure, there are ways to overcome the resistance men have to buy pieces of their own and create spaces that appeal specifically to men, tailoring sales techniques to the different types of men who purchase jewelry. Plus, developing a product offering that combines timeless favorites with the latest trends.

If any Jewelers are reading this, they should know that the key to selling jewelry to men is to consider how they perceive men’s gold chains and other jewelry. The men’s market can generally be divided into 3 categories: those who embrace heritage jewelry pieces, those who are open to jewelry on their terms, and those that do not consider buying jewelry at all.

Why are Men’s Gold Chains and other jewelry back in the game?

In the world of hip-hop, gold chains for men, especially Miami Cuban Link Chains and Gold Rope Chains, have become the epitome of men’s style and fashion. This subcultural take on style draws on improvisation of the street along with the informality.

But in hip-hop culture and the rapping world, male flamboyance has had little to do with gender liberation. In reality, often the opposite happened, as the amount of gold a man wears could be said to correspond to his position in the masculine pecking order.

Hip-hop artists such as A$AP Rocky have experimented with traditionally feminine, Holly Golightly-style baubles, including layered single-strand diamond necklaces, smooth pearls, diamond-encrusted rings, and earrings.

Some jewelry collections are worth many millions of dollars. For a detailed catalog of A$AP’s jewelry, for instance, look at his Instagram feeds; you’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about.

How is Men’s Jewelry gaining momentum?

Social media remains the significant purchasing influence on these men, who tend to be younger – either Gen Z or Millennials.

Gen Z, in particular, is less rigidly bound to shopping habits, and they’re influenced by the personal style of stars like Harry Styles, Jaden Smith, and model and jewelry designer Anwar Hadid inspire them.

To sum it up, the growing trend for male jewelry can only be heartening. Men’s outfit with increased ornamentation, especially when combined with other adventurous style choices, is exciting to look at. It’s unlikely that men will go around chasing gold chains anytime soon, but believe us when we tell you, it’s on the rise.

Still, women have had most of the fun; maybe it is time for men to have a turn. Who knows, one day soon, perhaps you’ll even dare to wear an earring (if you’re not wearing one now).

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