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What Are The Most Commonly Used Types Of Trade Booths?

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Is your industry hosting a trade show, or are you attending one? A good presentation is crucial for promoting your products and services, establishing new business connections, or both.

Your event should be well organized and provide a great experience. It is about providing what attendees want – including selecting the right trade show booths for your business – and enabling better collaboration between businesses and attendees.

Depending on what you’re displaying, how much space you need, where your show is held, and the configuration options available, you may find the best booth for your event and your visitors. What each type of trade show booth offers – and how they differ.

Custom Display

Custom Trade Show displays are built to meet specific booth specifications including height, width, and depth, and are the most popular choices.

We can help you create an eye-catching trade show exhibit with new materials, AV components, and design elements that will enhance your company’s powerful image.

When announcing a new product or displaying your company’s dominance in its industry, a custom trade show display may be the right choice.

Custom Modular Display

Displaying trade show displays with custom modular exhibits has dramatic results without costing as much as a custom display. Your booth can be reconfigured to suit different trade shows thanks to its highly flexible components.

In a custom modular booth, light materials, such as aluminum and plexiglass, are used for structural support.

Modular trade show booths offer the following benefits:

  • Easier to assemble
  • Packing that conserves space
  • Lower shipping and handling fees

Modular exhibits offer the best of both worlds for exhibitors looking for high quality, flexibility, and affordability.

Tension Fabric Displays

The backdrops created by tension fabric displays are fabricated from aluminum poles, extrusions, or collapsible bodies and are decorated with graphics that are attached with close-fixing material.

For a tension fabric display, the images are either placed over the body like a pillowcase, slid into extrusion channels, or attached through Velcro. A tension fabric display can be enhanced with lighting fixtures and shelving.

Banner Stands

The banner display is among the most commonly used trade show categories. It can be attached with any type of custom graphics and is cost-effective, easily moved, which makes it an excellent choice for trade show marketers, companies, and retailers.

For those who need to enhance their brand awareness instantly, this is their best option. The type of banner stands also comes in three varieties: retractable banners, cassette-style banners, as well as fabric banners, and back walls. Depending on your business needs, you can choose one.

Pre-Owned Display

When you are facing a time or budget crunch, a used trade show display can save your company. By choosing a previously owned trade show booth, you can cut your design and construction time by more than half.

Many trade show rental and sales businesses carry an impressive collection of pre-owned exhibits of top quality. A lot of the exhibits they own once belonged to clients. Like trade show display rentals, trade show display rentals also come in a variety of sizes, designs, scopes, and prices.

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