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Make a Logo for a Photographer

Make a Logo for a Photographer

There is stiff competition in the field of photography today. In addition to the fact that there are many photographers in general, most of them can boast quite a decent level of skill. For this reason, it is especially important to stand out among the rest. How do you do it? One of the main ways is to use a “catchy” logo.

What Features should be Considered When Creating a Logo for a Photographer?

The logo should clearly indicate exactly the scope of photography.

It should highlight any characteristics of a particular photographer.

The logo should be clearly readable, and visible against any background. After all, you will need to superimpose your trademark on a wide variety of photos. So you need to exclude incomprehensible “zakarlyuchki” and pale elements.

A good photographer’s logo can be created with trendy, stylish shades and modern fonts.

The most popular version of a logo for a photographer is in the form of a name or creative nickname. Such a branded badge has the most winning appearance in any photo. Although many masters give preference to more complex designs.

It is more appropriate for a commercial photographer to choose his own name as a basis for a logo. But for those who take pictures of various events, it makes sense to be more imaginative, choosing an attractive image or an exclusive font.

The main difficulty in creating a logo for the photographer is the limited color palette. It is recommended to choose the most neutral colors, otherwise, the logo on the photo will distract from the photo itself. Also, you can’t “overload” a photo with too bright a logo. The selection of a particular shade is determined by individual style. However, in any case, calm tones should be preferred. Ideal options are white, black, and gray.

As the choice of color, in this case, is limited, you should not miss the opportunity to stand out with a font. It is recommended to choose it taking into account the subject matter of your photos. For example, if you specialize primarily in photographing holidays, it is advisable to choose the original letters in the handwritten style. The photographer, “creating” in the classical style, the fan of black and white photos, it is better to use something simpler. Fonts are suitable for minimalist type, which has no extra details.

Mandatory condition – any font you choose should be easy to read. To check it, you need to “try on” it to create a logo. This way it will be easy to understand how readable the font is.

Logo generator Turbologo allows you to create your own logo for the photographer completely free of charge. You will need to pay only if you are satisfied with the logo. You will be charged for downloading files. Turbologo includes several rates, so you can buy the right one for your needs.

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