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What You Should Know About Amazon Suspensions!

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There is no doubt that Amazon is an acknowledged leader among other e-commerce marketplaces. That’s because it has cemented its position as the most reliable and trustworthy online platform. Everybody likes Amazon and wants to start their business on this platform, and, of course, it is the right decision, since Amazon provides its sellers with tons of opportunities for building a successful and profitable business on its platform.

However,  there are several vital aspects regarding selling on Amazon that every seller should be aware of.

An Amazon suspension is the worst thing that could happen during your operation on the platform.  Imagine a situation where you run your business on Amazon, and suddenly, you find your Amazon account suspended by the Seller Performance team. Let’s agree that it is not the best scenario, especially if you do not have due experience in reinstating suspended accounts.

Today, we are going to discuss the most common types of Amazon suspensions that every seller can face during their operation on this marketplace. Let’s get started!


If you receive an Inauthentic suspension, it does not necessarily mean that you sell inauthentic products. There are lots of reasons which can lead to this type of suspension. For example, if you source your products from unauthorized suppliers and cannot provide Amazon with the necessary documentation proving that you’re an authorized seller. The only way to avoid this type of suspension is to work with legitimate suppliers and always keep valid invoices at hand.

Right Owner Notice Complaints!

If you sell products of other brands without getting their permission, keep in mind that it may become the reason for getting IP complaints. Therefore, it is better to avoid selling other brand’s products through your Amazon account without being authorized by the brands. It is wise to also mention that this type of suspension is considered to be one of the hardest ones for reinstatement.

Linked Account Suspension!

Unfortunately, there are lots of sellers who receive linked account suspensions just by making some simple mistakes. For example, if you use the same information for opening an Amazon account, or just use the same IP address with another person who also has an account on Amazon.


Keep in mind that issues such as late shipment or negative feedback from your customers can become reasons why your ODR  exceeds the amount specified by Amazon. As a result, you can find your account suspended. In order to reinstate your account, you have to put much effort into finding the exact reason which caused that issue.


Any changes within your documentation may lead to this type of suspension. Try to make sure that there is no mismatching information regarding your Amazon business; otherwise, you have to submit several documents on Amazon in order to prove your identity and the legitimacy of your business.

Sales Velocity Limits

There is only one reason that may lead to this type of Amazon suspension: if the number of your sales is not supported with buyers’ feedback. In order to return your selling privileges, you have to provide Amazon with detailed information on your store, including the necessary documentation.

Multiple Account Suspension!

As an Amazon seller, you should strictly understand that Amazon does not allow having more than one account without its permission. Once it finds out that you run multiple accounts,  both of your accounts will immediately be suspended.

We have only brought to your attention the most common types of Amazon suspensions. In reality, there are much more reasons which can lead your account to suspensions. In order to avoid similar issues in your business, you have to strictly abide by all of Amazon’s policies and regulations; in this case, you will extremely reduce the possibility of getting suspended by Amazon.

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