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Why Translation is Important for Your Business

importance of translation in business

We are in the era of globalization. Businesses are expanding into new markets, and consumers are no longer in your backyard. If you are a business looking to take advantage of the 6.25 billion people who are not native English speakers, then business language translation online is crucial.

Your website is your storefront, and if that store only has the door open to English speakers, you are potentially losing millions of dollars each year. Even within the United States, 67.3 million people speak a language other than English at home. Consumers or customers that do not feel comfortable with the language of a product will bounce and find a product that accommodates their native tongue.

What is Business Language Translation Online?

Simply put, business language translation online is the translation of business material from one language to another. But it isn’t quite that simple. When translating business material, the company’s tone, style, and values must be translated too. This more personal touch is referred to as localization. Content, including currencies, grammar rules, and humor, must feel natural to native speakers for businesses to be taken seriously in a foreign market.

A website is not the only content of your business; therefore, it is not the only material you should translate. Product descriptions,  press releases, blog posts, and other relevant online content must be translated to increase your business’s searchability, visibility, and memorability.

What Are the Benefits?

The easiest and most cost-effective way of putting your brand in front of millions of more people is to translate content into world languages. The more you invest in business language translation online, the more ROI you will see. When it comes to the benefits of business translation, the numbers speak for themselves.

According to CSA Research, the world’s largest market research organization:

  • 75% of internet users don’t make online purchases if a product description is in a language they do not speak
  • 65% prefer content in their own language
  • 73% of consumers want product reviews in their own language
  • 40 % of users won’t buy a product if it is not in their native language
  • 2% of global consumers place more importance on information being presented in their native language than they give to the price of the service or goods they receive

The three most common languages English is translated into are French, Spanish, and German. Translating in just three languages, however, is not enough to see a huge ROI. Companies that translate in more than three languages see a 38% increase in revenue.

The benefits translation has on your business don’t just relate to sales. If your company requires internal documents to be translated, such as contracts, sales agreements, job descriptions, or legal documents, a translation service is essential. If job descriptions are translated, you can reach a broader range of skilled workers. In the United States alone, 67.3 million workers are not native language speakers. Having a go-to translation provider can help your business both internally and externally.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Translation Provider

Not any two businesses are the same, and this goes for translation service providers too. When choosing your translation service, it is essential to first consider your business translation needs. If you are a law firm, you will want a service provider specialized in certified legal document translation. If your business provides SaS, you will need translators specializing in your industry’s technical language who also know coding basics. If you are looking to have your website translated and you host on WordPress or use Drupal, you can consider using a plugin or module.

No matter what type of translation service you need, it is essential your translation provider has:

  • Qualified translators who go through a multi-step vetting process
  • Existing clients within your industry. This will ensure translators are familiar with industry standards and terminology
  • A Human Translation Model at the center of the service. This makes your content personalized to your brand and goals. There is a big difference in quality between human and machine translation services.
  • Translation Memory(TM). This ensures you never pay twice for translating the same content. TM also builds a style guide and definitions that are remembered and implemented for future translations.
  • Translators are fluent in the source language and native in the target language.
  • A history and proven track record of translating in countries and languages you plan to expand into.
  • 24/7 support, 7 days a week. Every business has its own set of languages and styles, and you need round-the-clock support to make sure last-minute changes are added.
  • A wide range of languages. Today’s target market may not be tomorrow’s. A translation service should be ready to meet your future translation needs.
  • ISO Certification. This is the standard global quality check for translation services.

Wrap up

Now that you know why translation is necessary and what to look for in a translation provider, it is time to choose your partner. MotaWord is the world’s fastest, lowest cost, cloud-based, collaborative business translation platform. MotaWord has partnered with some of the world’s biggest global brands, and with 95+ languages in its wheelhouse, MotaWord can help you expand into any market. Our customer support specialists are available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Whether you choose MotaWord or not, we recommend just giving us a class to clarify any questions you may have about your business translation needs.

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