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7 Out of the Box Ideas To Try for Your Birthday

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ideas to try for your birthday

Whether turning a year older is an event you look forward to or dread, birthdays are a cause for celebration. What is a better excuse there for gathering all your favourite people in the world together?

As kids, throwing a birthday party is pretty straightforward. However, as time flies, you may want something different, perhaps something more creative. As the years pile on, it can be challenging to keep thinking of new ideas and ways to keep birthdays fun and enjoyable. Even if you aren’t celebrating a milestone birthday, there’s nothing wrong with wanting something different on your special day.

If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate your birthday, you can make every year count with these 7 ideas for a unique and memorable occasion.

1. Spa Day

Have a spa party with your closest friends. Indulge in DIY facials, massages, and mani-pedis! If you want to skip the hassle of setting up, you can host your party at a spa clinic instead.

Treat your tribe to a day of relaxation. You can use the time you’re being pampered to catch up on each others’ lives and bond.

2. Wine Tasting Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch and a few glasses of wine? While small restaurants and wine bars may be open to throwing a wine tasting for you, you can also choose to have your friends bring over their favourite bottles of vino and start there.

If you’d like to do it picnic-style, all you need are blankets and your closest buds. You can also make sundresses or brunch pants mandatory. Put together an assortment of snacks, grab some sunscreen, and you’re good to go!

3. High Tea

Take the fancy route and find a local tearoom that can host a traditional English high tea for you! Have a formal yet lively afternoon of cucumber sandwiches, bite-sized treats, and of course, some soothing tea.

You could also host a themed high-tea in your backyard with some champagne for toasts. Everybody loves a good high tea activity, so don’t forget to pull out the easel or your origami set and settle in for an afternoon of fun.

4. Murder Mystery Soiree

This one may require more prep work, but you’re in for a night to remember! Assign each guest a character to play ahead of time and send them character descriptions and scripts so you can jump right in as soon as everyone arrives.

Often described as the live version of the game ‘Clue,’ a murder mystery party is a great way to break the ice among guests. Set up some wine and cheese pairings and get ready to investigate Sherlock’s style.

Make an event of it by designing and printing invites and birthday posters for your themed party.

5. Classic Sleepover

Are you looking for a more lowkey and simple affair? You can never go wrong with a classic sleepover. If you haven’t thrown one since high school, here’s your chance.

Start the night off with a great dinner and follow it up with a night of skincare, junk food, celebrity gossip, and your favourite rom coms. Karaoke also makes a great addition to the mix.

6. Take a Trip

Are you a fan of travelling and new places? If so, gather your pals and take a road trip! Whether visiting a local vacation spot or a full-blown trip, everyone can use an excuse for a vacation. Organize fun scavenger hunts and barbecues to keep your guests entertained but don’t forget to have fun yourself!

You can also visit the local bowling alley, take a swimming or rock climbing class, or join a group dance session. These are all incredibly fun ways to get out of your rut and do something different on your special day.

7. ‘Me-Time’ Day

As responsible adults, not having to worry about laundry is a great enough birthday gift. Sometimes birthdays are great opportunities for some much-needed me-time. Whether it’s a day at your local 5-star hotel, a walk in the woods, or a day at the spa, you call the shots!

Practice some self-love on your special day. If you feel like you’d like to use the time journaling and looking back at your accomplishments, do that! If you’d like to give back as a token of gratitude for your birthday, donate or volunteer at an organization of your choice.

The One Day a Year When You Call the Shots

Whether you’re a social butterfly or are uninterested in parties, there are many options when it comes to your birthday. Whatever your lifestyle or preferences, you can always think of something that you will enjoy.

This is your day! What matters is what you say matters. It’s the one day a year when you can call the shots without question. Make sure that what you end up doing is something that you love and enjoy.

If you go ahead with a party, remember to create a birthday invitation that foreshadows the fun you and your guests will have.

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