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Key Things to Check When Buying Hand Sanitizer Dispensers for Your Business Premises

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We have learned the hard way during the Covid-19 pandemics that health and hygiene should be the top priorities everywhere, including business premises. Today, the three pillars of human hygiene are; frequent sanitizing or washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding crowds. Washing hands or sanitizing is the best way to keep the coronavirus off your hands, and you should ask anyone who visits your office or shop to sanitize first.

However, it is not convenient to have someone stand at your front door handing sanitizer all day. This is where hand sanitizer dispensers come in and save the day. You only have to install one and get rid of the hassles. But how do you choose the best one for your business premises or office?

Types of hand sanitizer dispensers

There are two basic types of dispensers-wall mounted, and floor stands. Your choice will depend on your space availability, but today wall-mounted sanitizers are the most convenient option, especially in business settings. It requires less space, and fixing the wall is easy. Hand sanitizer dispensers with floor stands are suitable for gates or open areas with no wall to mount.

Choose quality

When looking for hand sanitizer dispensers, you will come across different types, some made of metal, others plastic. Both are waterproof and suitable for use in washrooms, offices, or any other part of your work premises. But choose a quality hand sanitizer dispenser that will not get corroded easily. Even after covid 19, we will continue sanitizing, which is why you should get a quality sanitizer dispenser to serve you for the next years to come.

Dispensing capacity

Consider the amount of sanitizer the dispenser releases per use. It should not be too much as it leads to wastage, and it should not be too little as it will be insufficient. An average of 5mls peruse is ideal. It should dispense enough amount to cover both hands, and there should be no gushing or dripping off the hand sanitizer.

Easy to install

Do not buy a hand sanitizer dispenser that you won’t be able to install in your office or shop. It should be easy to install. You only have to fix it and connect it to the power if it is electronic, and you are good to go. If the installation is too lengthy, you will have to look for another alternative.


The hand sanitizer dispenser should have a user-friendly and appealing design. Since you will install it on your business premises, a functional and attractive dispenser attracts people to use it and sanitize their hands. An automatic one is more functional. Also, it should have a display panel to show you how much sanitizer is left to simplify refilling promptly.


The hand sanitizer dispenser will be used countless times a day, so it should be durable. Ensure it has a strong quality and a suitable pump mechanism to withstand frequent use.

Mist or gel

Check if the hand sanitizer dispenser with mist or gel sanitizers since some may only be suitable for liquid sanitizers.

the last thought

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a long-term investment for your business so ensure you make all the careful considerations when purchasing.

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