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How to Properly Get Your Hands on Research Liquids for Your Lab

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Lab coat: check. Safety goggles: check. Research liquids — not check!

Running a research lab means that you need to source high-quality materials to perform your research. However, good research liquids can be hard to find, and buying them is fraught with legal challenges and quality concerns.

If you’re struggling to source the right materials for your lab, read on. This article will explain how to navigate the challenges of purchasing research materials and find the ones you need.

Buying Chemicals for Research: the Challenges

Research chemicals include all the substances, substrates, and solutions that you can find in a professional research lab. Your research might require research liquids like peptides, emulsifiers, and everything in between.

Research liquids also include the active ingredients you use to conduct research. For instance, if you are investigating how mice react to a certain controlled substance that is expensive to source, you can buy a synthetic version of that substance instead of the real thing. The research outcomes are the same, and the cost is much lower.

Purchasing this inexpensive alternative comes with many pitfalls to avoid.

Buying Quality Research Liquids

It is crucial to source research liquids carefully. Why? The quality of your research is only as good as the quality of your research materials.

However, research compounds are not always regulated by law. That means that you might order a solution thinking that it is high quality, only to discover that it doesn’t deliver the research results you need.

Finding a trustworthy source to order your lab chemicals ensures that you get high-quality materials every time. That’s why finding a reputable source is the first step in buying research liquids.

However, because research compounds aren’t always regulated by law, it can be hard to find a reliable supplier. The quality of your research is no better than the quality of your research materials, so finding a trustworthy source is crucial.

Avoiding Research Chemical Abuse

A key challenge in ordering research chemicals is avoiding letting them be abused.

Since labs want to keep research costs low, they usually order synthetic versions of the chemicals they want to use in research.

Many research liquids have similar chemical structures to street drugs, including synthetic cannabis and MDMA. If they end up in the wrong hands, they can be sold on the street as recreational drugs, with potentially fatal consequences.

In fact, some websites purposely misbrand their recreational drugs as “research liquids.” Since these chemicals are technically used for research, it’s difficult for authorities to ban them.

That’s why the National Institute on Drug abuse has strict guidelines for ordering them, to ensure that they end up in the lab where they belong.

However, this adds to the challenge of ordering research chemicals. To source research liquids for your lab safely, you need to be careful which supplier you choose. Your supply chain should be secure from start to finish in order to keep your chemicals safe from getting sold on the street.

How Much Should You Spend on Research Chemicals?

As with buying anything online, you can find a wide range of prices for research liquid. However, when it comes to research compounds, you get what you pay for.

Running a research lab comes with many cost considerations, but the materials that you use to conduct your research should be at the forefront of your financial planning. The quality of your materials will directly affect the quality of your research. Buying a lower-cost product will save you money upfront, but how will it affect the outcome of your work?

Think about the relative importance of each research liquid before purchasing it online. If you are sourcing a common chemical that doesn’t greatly impact the ultimate outcome of your work, then you might want to save on costs by purchasing a middle-quality version.

However, if your research depends on your chemical performing well in the lab, you won’t want to jeopardize your work by saving money. Find the top-quality research liquid and dedicate more of your budget to it.

Find a Reliable Supplier

Buying research chemicals online gives you a much broader range of purchasing options, but you’ll need to do your homework to find out which ones are quality retailers. How can you know a good research chemical supplier when you’ve found one?

First, a good supplier will take steps to make sure that their product doesn’t end up being used as a street drug.

Expect a good-quality supplier to require you to prove that you work in a lab before ordering research liquids from them. They will even tell you that they will drop your order if they suspect that you will use their product for non-research purposes.

Second, look for a company that offers a complete analysis of the product’s composition. Your online supplier should list all the information about its research liquids, including:

  • The amount of liquid per purchasable unit
  • The composition of the research liquid (if it is made up of more than one solution, the company should list each component by percentage)
  • The intended research purpose of the liquid
  • How to store the liquid safely

You should also look for a certified safety seal to make sure that the research liquid cannot be tampered with during shipping. See more here for a safe and trustworthy research chemical supplier.

Get Your Hands on Research Liquids, Properly

The potential for research chemical abuse makes it stocking your research lab is more challenging than it seems at first. With this guide, you’ll be able to source research liquids

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