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6 Ways to Finance Home Improvement Projects

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Do you have a home improvement project you desperately need to fund? Whether it’s major or minor, you’ll need quite a bit of cash. The following points can help you acquire the sum.

Financing Your Home Improvements? Know how to do that Easily

Credit Cards

If you have minor upgrades to do, you can finance them through a credit card. When you first take one out, payments would be interest few for a couple of months.

Banks work with countless suppliers and vendors. Depending on which bank your card is from, you’ll get cash-back opportunities as well as discounts.

Let’s say your credit card is old. The interest rate you’ll be met with might be variable; it would depend on how the market is doing.

Government Loan

Depending on where you live, you might be able to make use of a government loan. You’ll be able to save on insurance as well as interest. Governments would only provide sums for renovations if the livability of your property has to be improved.

As you can imagine, you might not be able to borrow a huge amount. For HUD Title 1 Property Improvement loans, it’s just $25,000.

Mortgage Refinances

Why not refinance your mortgage? You’ll be getting a new mortgage. The sum from the new one would be used to finish off the old one. You’ll have some cash left behind, which you can use to finance the renovations.

A lot of the time, the interest of refinanced mortgages is lower than original mortgages.

As refinancing may seem tempting, know that there are some drawbacks. For one, you could extend the life of your loan. And you’d have to pay for origination fees, taxes, and other closing costs.

Home Repair Loans

Home improvement loans are types of personal loans. They are usually unsecured and offered by all kinds of institutions. This includes banks, credit unions and online lenders.

If it’s an unsecured personal loan, you won’t need collateral; your house would not be used as security. How much you’d be able to borrow, as well as your interest rate depends on your credit score.

Bad Credit Loans

If you desperately need to do a home renovation but can’t borrow due to poor credit, all’s not lost. You can apply for a bad credit loan. Unfortunately, you’ll be met with high interest. However, you can find a Canadian poor credit loan lender and apply online.

Home Equity Loan

There is also another type of borrowing. Home equity loans let you borrow against the equity you have on the property. How much you’ll be able to borrow depends on how much your property is worth. You’ll be making payments in instalments like you normally would.

If you’re in a pinch and need to complete a home renovation project, there are thankfully many things you can do. If the work is minor, you can take out a credit card. For the first few months, you won’t have to pay interest. Depending on the bank you got the card from, you’ll be met with cash-back offers too.

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