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Why is It Best to Use the Excel to PDF Converter of PDFBear?

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Apart from Word and Powerpoint, Excel is one of the most widely used working tools of Office Suite because of its capability to organize data for stress-free analysis efficiently. Nonetheless, it has limitations in terms of presentation and shareability. Its extended cellular interface makes it difficult to present, and as data input increases, so as its file size.

For a better data presentation, security, and shareability, many recommend converting them to PDF files as PDF files capture only the data, secured and at smaller file size. This article will share the finest excel to pdf converter online tool we have tried and why.

Why PDFBear?

Of all the offline and online convert Excel to PDF tools and ways we have tried, PDFBear stood out. Not that others are not good; it’s just that all our concerns and issues were better addressed by this service provider, like its simplicity, its cost, its interface, and so on. Below, we will tell you more about PDFBear excel to pdf converter.

How to access PDFBear online tool?

This one is easy. To access them, link to any internet connection, open any browser on any of your devices and go to pdfbear.com. Then you can start using their online tools. There is no need to create an account, no need to sign up and log in, except if you have a premium account. By the way, they have around 30 tools on their site at no cost.

Is their interface user-friendly?

Yes, their interface is so user-friendly. As you open their site, no unnecessary icons and ads are popping anywhere to disturb you. The same happens when you choose your tool, like their Excel to pdf converter. Plus, the instructions on using their converter are right below the users’ toolbox to guide you. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

Is their Excel to pdf converter tool easy to use?

It is easy to use. You have two options to start uploading, either choose your files from your library and drag and drop them to the converter tool or click select files on the device and utilize the pop-up window. Right after, the conversion process will start, and voila!

Your new PDF files can now be downloaded. All you did was click your mouse.

The steps to use their tool includes linking to the internet, opening their website, uploading target files to their toolbox, the matter seconds conversion process, and downloading—all in all, a total of five mouse clicks, we mean steps.

Is their conversion process fast?

The conversion process of PDFBear mostly depends on two factors, file size and internet connection speed. The bigger the file size, the slower the process. The faster the internet speed, the quicker the process. Nonetheless, the process can take up to a maximum of 5 minutes. That instant!

Is their conversion tool safe to use?

The conversion tool of PDFBear is safe to use as they use a high level of security of 256-bit SSL Encryption to make all files safe on their end. Their tool is programmed to permanently auto-delete all files on their server after an hour and implements a privacy policy. Also, files will no longer be available after you exit from their website.

Does it support all formats of Excel?

Yes, it does. There is no need for you to convert your file from XLS format to XLSX or vice versa to use the tool as it supports all formats. It can even convert file extensions in the same manner and hustle. Further, as PDFBear aims for higher standards, your Excel files converted product looks the same regardless of the original Excel format.

Can users from other parts of the world use their tool?

Yes, they all can, everyone can. PDFBears Excel to PDF converter is online, and it supports all browsers and operating systems. It is even available in the cloud. Aside from that, even non-English users can use this tool known in 23 primary languages used globally. So any user from any part of the world can enjoy their services.


In this regard, we strongly recommend everyone who needs to convert their Excel files to pdfs, to make use of PDFBear online excel to pdf converter. It gives every user convenience and peace of mind, and much more. Now you know why it is best to use the excel to pdf converter of PDFBear.

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