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How to Choose Music for Your Wedding from Day to Night

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There is no doubt that music plays a very special part of everyone’s wedding day, which means a decent amount of time must be spent on choosing the types of music you would like throughout your day, the medium in which they are played, and what emotional story you would like to tell throughout your day.

This piece will serve as a guide to choosing music for your special day.

Get Up to Scratch with the Fundamentals

There are traditionally three pieces of music at a wedding. The piece that gets played when you walk down the aisle, the piece that gets played just after you marry when you walk down the aisle together, and, of course, the first dance! Everything in between is usually atmospherically or music for the reception – which can vary significantly.

What Music Do You Like to Listen to? 

There are no set rules for mixing and matching music styles and genres, and at the end of the day, it is your wedding! There could be limitations depending on the venue, volume, and other logistical issues, so that is worth bearing in mind.

This is particularly important when choosing live wedding bands, as you will need to know that you have enough space and the right location for them. Wedding bands are great, as you can find bands in almost every genre! One of the best tips you can get for choosing one is to go and see the band perform or look at YouTube clips – it is best to see them in action before you hire them, so you know they are what you are looking for.

The Food

If you would like music playing at your during the meal it is best to have something calm and atmospheric. Relaxing and quiet enough to give your guests an ambient and inviting atmosphere, but not loud enough that people will struggle to hear each other over the music.
Some couples also like to plan a duet or a small band to entertain guests while the food area is being set up – usually around a bar where guests can get drinks after the ceremony.
This will also be a time where people will want to chat about the wedding and catch up with others, so keeping this simple is usually a good option!

The Party

What many people look forward to the most at a wedding is the big reception party! What is a party without music? This is where you can opt for whatever your heart desires, as often, the expectation is that it will be loud, fun, and people will want to dance! This is where live music comes in again, or an experienced wedding DJ that will play all the classics you and your family and friends love. It might be that you have a niche in mind like a line or ballroom dancing, or maybe you want a good selection of slow dances for the couples in the crowd. The world is your musical oyster for the reception!

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