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Best Memes of 2021 that Fit Everyday Life Too Well

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No day goes by until you don’t come across a new meme on your social media feed. However, 2021 was meant to be not like the previous years. But a few bright spots about 2020 was time we devoted pottering around the internet resulting in some truly choice memes.

From political opinions to gaming communities, today, memes are everywhere around us. Nowadays, the use of memes is growing day by day. That’s why you should also give it a try in meme-making. Here, we’ll walk through some of the best and new memes of 2021.

1. Anakin and Padme

In 2021, you must be missing a remixable meme format. It includes a man phwoaring at a woman in front of his girlfriend.

The meme is inspired by a scene from a Star War episode where Anakin and Padme exchange woos in a field and discuss the relative merits of dictatorships and pluralist democracy.

The meme’s handy way of pointing something you thought was going good has spiralled into disappointment.

2. Poor David Marshall

At Hampden Park, Scotland’s big day didn’t go with the plan. Their championship match ended with a 2-0 loss.

The second goal was a ping from a halfway line when David Marshall went for a sandwich.

When the ball got a memeing, Marshall’s doomed leap did his slightly undignified trajectory into the back of the net.

3. That Marvel Mega trailer

The massive collection of Marvel welcomed the start of Pase 4 by announcing the dates of some famous Marvel shows such as Black Panther 2, Black Widow, Spider-Man 3 and many more.

You could have missed a few moments in the onslaught of new stuff. You must watch a mashup of Mamma Three-a and a rebooted X-men.

While Michael Fassbender makes one of the massive grimaces, imagine Julie Walters Jiving around to Ring Ring on Kalokairi.

4. You can be a different person after the pandemic

Our personalities are not set in a stone: it is a headline exact to the New York Times op-ed.

Our personalities are more like sand dunes. That’s why your persona after the pandemic may be Hayden Christensen.

Or you may get highly relaxed or leave people seeing double.

What does meme mean in gaming?

Nowadays, gaming has become one of the massive parts of online video game culture.

Memes referring to any video game are known as gaming memes. As a gamer, these types of memes will always live in your heart.

However, you must be familiar with many gaming memes but if you want to know about their origins, keep reading this article.

1. It’s dangerous to go alone

While playing the legend of Zelda, you’ll encounter an unnamed older man who helps you defeat the evil Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda.

The older man will give a sword and ask if it’s dangerous to go alone. Initially, the meme featured a meowing kitten in hand.

You can easily swap various variations in this meme using Photoshop.

2. The cake is a lie

You must hear this line: the cake is a lie from Portal. At the beginning of the Portal, you must rewarded for doing all dangerous lab tests.

Then you’ll find a hidden graffiti message on one of the walls saying the cake is a lie.

As a result, you’ll realize that no cake awaits you at the end. However, the meme can be a warning to something that seems to be true.

3. You Have Died of Dysentery

During elementary school, you must play the Oregon tail. However, it was an educational game.

But it also has a fun element that allows you to make strategic decisions and hunt animals for survival.

The journey is full of complete dangers that can be painful when your party dies from dysentery.

Wrapping up

It must be familiar to you that art often imitates life. And memes are like art that’ll help you to base your fantasies on everyday realities. In this article, you can go through some of the best memes of 2021 you must encounter in your social media feed.

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