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5 Benefits of Integrating Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

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In the coming time, your kid’s future is in the safe hands of interactive whiteboard classrooms. These classrooms have brought a lot of improvement in the education sector.

The good news is that technology has grown exponentially over the past few years. And obviously, it has simplified the learning processes for students. From primary school to higher learning, the whiteboards have been integrated into all levels of knowledge.

This whiteboard technology comes in two forms:- one is a connectable apparatus with the touchpad used to control other computers, and the second is the touchscreen whiteboard. If we talk about the benefits, it has positively changed both teachers and students.

But this doesn’t stop here.

This article rounded up five fantastic benefits of integrating these interactive whiteboards in the classrooms.

1. Convenience in Revision of lessons

One of the best benefits of integrating interactive whiteboards in the classroom is students can save their lessons for future revision. In simple words, it brings convenience in the revision of lessons.

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to share screen, text, audio and video files with your students in real-time.

On the other hand, you can record complete lessons and share them with your schoolmates as a student. These recorded lessons will make grasping points easier, quicker learning and improve performance.

2. Teachers can efficiently structure their lessons

As a teacher, you can efficiently create a structure for the lessons with the help of this technology. You can perform things like labelling parts of a picture and matching words with their respective meanings.

When images are in front of the students, they can easily understand how to handle naming tasks quite profoundly.

3. Fun experience while learning

The days of boring classrooms are gone where chalkboards and powdered erasers are being used for teachings. Now is the time for interactive whiteboards with touchpads and LCD monitors for a fun learning experience.

Images and presentations delivered in the HD display make students more excited to learn how the board works and get involved in the learning process. In such an environment, students will find learning fun.

The best thing is that the attendance register will be complete from now onwards as students will not miss this fun learning environment.

4. An increase in the level of engagement between students and teachers

Instead of using dusty chalkboards, teachers are now using interactive whiteboards to interact with their students on a fun level.

The students will find it interactive if there are images, videos, texts and audio files in the learning process. Due to the audio files, students have a better chance to pronounce other words whether they are correct.

With videos, students can think outside the conventional classroom environment. In this way, students can put a creative and fresh perspective into learning. All these things will only lead to a new level of engagement between students and teachers.

5. Convenience and flexibility in learning

Now, many schools are adopting this technology in their classrooms, using video conferencing systems. In this way, students can attend classes from anywhere they want.

Students can easily cover up their syllabus for a given semester from the comfort of their home, sitting at their couch and eating popcorn. Teachers can share notes and other learning tools with the help of whiteboards.

Wrapping up

So, here are some fantastic benefits of integrating interactive whiteboards in the classroom. These whiteboards not only bring convenience and flexibility in education but also increase engagement between students and teachers in the long run.

They might eat into the school’s budget, but the benefits like saving on learning materials, inspiring performance and streamlining areas that were a challenge before will blow your mind.

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