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What Does It Mean When Your AC Unit Fan Stops Spinning?

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Nothing is more frustrating than your AC unit fan not spinning on a hot day. Sometimes, these machines decide to give up on us in the most unexpected ways.

AC could stop working due to several reasons. Sometimes the fault could be in the wiring, while the other times, there could be some problem with the fan.

If the fan is not working, you must determine the cause right away. A skilled repairer can help you find out the reason and do the needful for repairs. However, first, you should take some time to understand your AC unit.

Reasons why AC Unit Fan Not Spinning

The AC Unit

The fan inside your AC unit runs with the help of capacitors and motors. The motor of this fan is just like the motor in your car. The fan runs with the motor’s smooth operation, and the air conditioning will not work if the fan is not working.

The AC fan also stops when the unit runs for a long time without a service check. A regular service appointment with the AC company can save you from falling into this situation.

If you want to diagnose the initial condition by yourself, here is a checklist that you can follow:

Power Supply

Firstly, you must check the power supply of the AC. Check the breaker to see if it has tripped or not. If the breaker has tripped, it is time to call an electrician to fix the breaker.

Tripped breakers can even explode if not fixed quickly. That’s why you can’t afford to wait when the breaker is tripped. If there is no problem with the power supply, then check your AC unit.

Try listening to the control cabinet for a humming noise. A humming noise means that there is less voltage going into the machine. This issue can result from various malfunctions, and a professional electrician can guide you better to solve it.

Capacitor breakdown

Capacitors are used to run the electric motor in the condenser of an AC unit. The motor keeps running smoothly as long as a capacitor keeps running. When the capacitor fails, the motor will also break down, and the condenser unit will not work.

Just like batteries, capacitors also break down due to high voltage or a sudden electric current shift.

Condenser Issues

The AC unit fan does not function when a condenser unit is not installed correctly. It is a common error and can decrease the life of your machine. Faulty installation happens when the service personnel misread the installation tips or act in haste.

In such cases, the power that runs through the AC unit gets disrupted. If the condenser is placed at the wrong angle, the fan motor will not be able to do its job and deliver less power to its motor. Thus, the fan will not work, and cooling will go down.

An AC maintenance specialist can detect this faulty installation right away and fix the outdoor unit’s angle for you.

Burned Motor

Over time, the fan motor can get burned out and cause the air conditioning to stop working. The burned motor also gives off a burning smell, which you can report to your repairman.

You can either get the motor fixed or buy a new air conditioning unit. People invest in a new unit when the repair costs exceed the cost of the unit. This situation is most common in older AC units, which keep putting a dent in your wallet.

Many companies offer an exchange deal where you hand in the old appliance and get a new one at a discount. Check with the company if such a deal applies to your AC unit.

Faulty Belt

Another reason for the AC unit blades not spinning could be a faulty fan belt. This problem is more common in older AC units as the new units don’t have a fan belt. So, if you have a faulty fan belt, replacing it is the only solution.

However, you can get rid of the old unit and buy a new one too, if the belt is damaged beyond repair. If you decide to change the belt, make sure you follow all tips mentioned in the installation manual to make the right purchase.

Many online and offline appliance parts stores around the country offer good quality parts for repairs. Belts are easy to repair at home by watching a few tutorials online, so a repairman is unnecessary.

Final word

A faulty AC unit on a hot and humid day can cause severe inconvenience. That’s why it is important to carry out the unit’s routine maintenance to prevent these faults from cropping up. However, if a fault may arise, quickly call a professional repairer and get it fixed. All these information are very essential to know. You should think twice that buying an AC is a profitable investment or not.

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