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5 Clever Ways To Save on Your Electricity Bill

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Electricity Bill

The Covid pandemic brought on a lot of changes. One of the changes that many people didn’t anticipate was the increase in their electricity bill. As millions of people transitioned to remote work or remote education, though, it meant that lights, heat, and computers remain on during hours when they would normally remain off.

Considering that many budgets are already stretched, you may want to find ways to save on your electricity bill. Choose the best energy provider for your budget by comparing electricity providers in Pennsylvania, and learn how to save on electricity by reading on.

1. Turn Down Your Water Heater

Many hot water heaters get set at higher than practical temperatures. You don’t typically need water above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for common household uses.

The good news is that hot water heaters come with thermostats. The bad news is that they usually just offer a dial with words like hot and warm on it.

Adjust the dial down toward warm and periodically check the temperature of the hot water from the tap. Continue adjusting until the water hits 120 degrees.

2. Leverage Solar Energy for Your Electricity Bill

Getting solar panels does involve an initial financial investment, but it’s often offset by government programs and a lower electric bill each month.

Let’s say you want a solar panel installation. You’ll want to work with solar system pros to ensure proper installation and to avoid unnecessary costs.

3. Do Full Loads of Laundry

Almost everyone does a partial load of laundry now and then. Maybe you want a particular article of clothing for a date or to clean something soiled badly.

Unfortunately, these partial loads will routinely soak up as much electricity as washing a full load. If you wait for a full load, you end up with more clean clothes and a lower energy bill.

4. Go Energy Efficient for Your Electricity Bill

While it’s not cost-effective to upgrade all of your appliances and electronics at the same time, you can small steps in the right direction. As light bulbs die, upgrade to the most energy-efficient bulbs you can find. When you do replace electronics and appliances, look for versions that carry an Energy Star rating.

5. Skip the Dishwater Heat Dry Cycle

Heating up the inside of your dishwasher enough to dry those dishes chews through electricity. Even worse, it’s not remotely necessary.

Take a pass on that heat cycle. Instead, after the wash/rinse cycle completes, open the dishwasher door a little. Airflow will do the rest.

Trimming Your Electricity Bill

A lot of the things that drive up your electricity bill stem from inattention. You leave your water heater turned up because that’s where it was set during installation or by a previous owner. You use the heat cycle on the dishwasher because it’s a default setting.

Trimming your bill mostly boils down to paying attention. Get energy-efficient bulbs and appliances when you buy them. Turn off power strips when you won’t use the electronics the power.

You should see a steady reduction in your energy bill.

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